how to use esports influencers for your brand

The Esports Influencers that we at Samba Digital work have one of the highest viewership and are well known in the industry. We analyze your business project and find just the right Esports Influencer that fits your goals and budget. You can foster long-term relationships with our gaming influencers to boost your business with Samba Digital support.


Bring Your Business In The Spotlight With Best eSport Influencers

In today’s fast-growing world with advanced technology, eSports is no more just gaming on PC. The number of people watching and streaming online games is growing fast. From Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Call Of Duty and Battlefield like FPS games to Minecraft, Far Cry and GTA 5 like open-world games. They have changed the gaming industry.

However, to manage all these things, it’s crucial to have a PR and a Marketing team of experts in Esports. They can choose the best campaigns to do it, with influencers or not. That’s where Samba Digital shines. We help you boost your online presence and sales. Samba Digital is a brand with unique and powerful strategies.

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What Type Of Advertising Are The Most Efficient For eSports?


The global eSports market is no joke. It is estimated to reach 1,800 million dollars by the end of 2022. With such promising numbers, eSports advertising has proved itself as a priority.

We at Samba Digital take this opportunity to come up with new advertising strategies that are most efficient for your eSports brand. So here are our top strategies that will help you to boost your business sales:

●    Use Team Building Agency

If you are running behind time and need professional help to build your esports team, you can use Samba Digital Esports Influencers.

●    Event Co-Sponsoring

If you want to grab the attention of high-profile YouTube or Twitch streamers, you must think about sponsoring their events. The benefit of this is that you will get pre-determined ready-made fans who are already investing in the content.

●    Focus on Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to establish your brand in the Esports Influencers industry. Make blogs about valuable gaming information on niche websites to earn loyal fans and eSports aficionados. Samba Digital can help you get the best Esports Influencer for your brand promotion on their channels.

Influencer Campaign To Give Your eSports Brand More Visibility


Esports marketing is cheaper and affordable than traditional advertising, and Esports Influencers and gaming have become a vital part of digital marketing strategy. It can grab the public’s attention from all communities, which is the secret to success online

There are millions of subscribers on Twitch and YouTube, and the top Esports Influencers entertain their viewers with a wide array of game content. These Esports Influencers help the brands make their way into the competitive market by making highlights of their gameplays, tutorials, live gameplays, live giveaways, off-screen giveaways, game reviews to enhance their online presence.

Influencers can help to improve the reach and impact of your eSports brand with several events and campaigns. Samba Digital helps you to get the right influencers that have a similar audience as your brand.

Why Trust Samba Digital?


As an Influencer marketer, we at Samba digital work with the best talents in the eSports industry. We analyze your business and take time to understand the concept and goals to finding the ideal influencer.

●    Extensive Network of Top Performing Influencers

As we have already explained above, Samba Digital has worked with a vast community of top Esports Influencers to help your business grow

●    A-Z Influencer Campaign Management

We at Samba Digital take your campaign from concept to completion. We have an A-Z range of collaboration opportunities.

●    Tracking and Optimizing For A Greater Success

We regularly keep track of the reviews, items sold, and other statistics from the last month and optimize your business plan for the upcoming campaigns and events.