Haier x Rolex Paris Masters


The French Tennis Federation sought to maximise the sponsorship impact of between Haier and the Rolex Paris Masters (RPM). The objective was to leverage influencers to enhance brand visibility, particularly focusing on the Haier sponsorship and creating a VIP experience around the event. The campaign centred around engaging influencers in a day-long experience at RPM, featuring former tennis player Justine Henin. The French influencers were Paul Le Sportix, a sports commentator with a strong social media presence, and the travel couple Lily and Jay.

The influencers were invited to spend the day at RPM, commencing with a guided tour by Justine Henin. Throughout the day, the team crafted diverse content for Instagram, TikTok and Youtube ensuring that the focus remained on the event and Haier as the sponsor.

A highlight of the day was an exclusive interview with Justine Henin, capturing insightful moments. The interview was professionally filmed and transformed into a compelling video shared across Haier Europe’s social networks as well as on RPM’s official social media accounts.


The campaign which showcased Haier and its partnership with RPM delivered impressive results. The key metrics include:

  • Views: +296K
  • Engagement: +11K
  • Impressions: +200K

@paulo_le_sportix Une CHAMPIONNE incroyable 🏆 @Haier Global #tennis #sportstiktok #Haier #PlayWithTheNumberOnes #HaierGlobalTennisTour #HaierFrance #HaierExperience #RolexParisMasters #HaierRPM ♬ son original – 🏆 Paulo 🏆

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