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Samba is a digital agency providing your sports brand with the most creative and rigorous translators for your contents : social media, videos, website… Attract more fans in Colombia thanks to our services.

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Hire a team of sports translators to catch the eye of your potential customers in Colombia

When you want to hire a team of sports translators to catch the eye of your potential customers in Colombia, be aware of ‘Google Translate’, which is an automated service. They translate the words and phrases that sometimes lose their sense of meaning. They also suggest formal phrases and words which are not commonly used.

Our Samba Digital sports translating team ensures the relevancy of the content with respect to the viewer’s perspective, which is the language barrier. We make the translated content Google-friendly and fulfil Google’s terms and conditions. For example, a goal scorer in Italian is l’autore del gol, which means the author of the goal in English. The relevancy of the phrase gets changed completely. So our sports translation team at Samba Digital takes care of that.

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Why Is Flawless Social Media Content So Important For Your Social Media Strategy?

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As technology and Social Media engagement increases, the need for translation of sports content is becoming more and more important to engage with an international audience.

Big sporting events like NBA games, the Olympics, and the World Cup bring people from all across the world together. We at Samba Samba Digital have professional staff who have the ability to connect with these fans on a global level. They translate all types of sports content to the regional languages so that everybody can enjoy their favourite sports anytime, anywhere.

This ability to connect with millions of international fans gives Samba Digital an upper edge over other sports agencies and grows your business both offline and online.

The reason why content is necessary for your business’ social media strategy is because these platforms act as a common medium for any user to share their thoughts and give reviews. To make things easy for the users, it is better to translate the content into the native languages so that people can interact with each other.

To help your content make a considerable impact on the sports audience and build a reputation with them, we at Samba Digital review your sports material and terminology. Then, they get correctly translated.
This affects their reputation and popularity within the sports industry.

Are You In Search Of Quality? Then We Have Great News For You

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When there are new sports events, exercises, or health and fitness media content, new terminologies need to be created in more than one language. For more languages, quality is the most important thing because sometimes, the relevancy of the content gets destroyed while translating to another language.

Due to the changing nature of sports, it is very important for any Sports Translate Social Media Colombia agency to have a translator who has vast knowledge about the sporting culture. They must also be multilingual and know some rules of sports translation.

So everything just boils down to one thing, that quality is an important aspect of Sports Translation. Are You In Search Of Quality? Then you are lucky because we at Samba Digital have some great news for you as we provide:

  • In-house Certified Translator: we at Samba Digital have native-speaking translators in our agency who keep up with the latest sporting trends, rules, and regulations.
  • Years Of Experience: the professional team at Samba Digital have many years of experience in providing translated content of all kinds of sporting events, social media coverage, international football clubs, etc

  • Guaranteed eyecatching translations: our dedicated sports translation staff at Samba Digital adhere to all the rules and regulations of translation across all languages. We analyze each project thoroughly and carefully apply all our translation strategies to ensure relevancy.