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Samba Digital helps you to reach out to big brands in Esports and gain their attention. OurĀ PR Agency Esports in Colombia understands that Esports can offer to your company huge opportunitiesĀ in term of visibility and revenue generation.

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Connecting Brands With Esports Fans In Colombia With The Help Of A PR Esports Agency

One of the most important ways in connecting brands with Esports fans in Colombia with the help of a PR esports agency is by providing monetization opportunities. The revenue collected by Esports per each Esport enthusiast is increasing day by day and has reached $5.50 USD. Although it lacks behind other traditional sports like football and basketball, which collects revenue around $10 to $20 USD, Esports is still able to give tough competition to traditional sports.

Other methods that we at Samba Digital use in Connecting Brands With Esports Fans In Colombia With The Help Of a PR Esports Agency are:

  • Engaging with wider audiences
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorship
  • Content sharing
  • Talent managing
  • Analytics

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What Do Esports Fans In Colombia Want?

Colombia has many famous Youtubers and Influencers who have a great potential to go face to face with international esports players. However, most of the Youtubers work in the make-up, culinary sector, or television industry.

Despite all these problems, the Colombian Esports market has shown some good results. Now the real question is, What Do Esports fans In Colombia Want for their favourite Esports brands or player to help them grow their business?

To answer this question, we at PR Agency Esports in Colombia Samba Digital reviewed all these problems came up with some interesting strategies that would benefit the Esports brand and its representatives, and they are:

  • Sponsorship: providing sponsorship to the team, brand, events, and players while using some elements that are game-specific will help them to get more attention in the public
  • Advertising: organizing different events and advertising about them on different Esports platforms like Youtube, Twitch, etc., while broadcasting or in between games. This opens up new opportunities for the brand to advertise and reach out to the right audience.
  • Franchising: buying or creating your team of Esports or franchise can greatly impact their network growth

Connections With The Right Public

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The PR Agency Esports in Columbia Samba Digital knows that more and more technology, telecommunications, and media companies are concentrating their energy on Esports. One of the great reasons for that is Esports is a medium to engage and interact with the audience.

Therefore, Connections With The Right Public is very important in growing the popularity of your brand and players within the Esports industry network. The network includes:

  • Network Of Influencers: influencer marketing is one of the good ways to bring the strategies under your control. But it works only when brands have big relationships with other companies. Every brand has the potential to grow its business using a network of influencers, and we at Samba Digital are experts at providing you with everything that you need for your business growth.
  • A Team At Your Service: if you are searching for a team that will come to your service whenever you are in need of the growth of your Esports brand, contact Samba Digital. We take a look at your business profile and analyze the things that you require. We help to make your content more relevant to the latest trends and strategies.