Graphic Support

Graphic Support


  • Content Strategy
  • Geo-localized graphics
  • Digital Branding
  • Video and Motion Graphics
  • Consultancy
  • Benchmarking

Our expertise

As a creative communications agency, SAMBA DIGITAL approach brand strategy and communication issues through creative thinking and design as a whole. Sign design, brand design, typographic design, editorial design. Our designers from different countries and cultures will always adapt to the target countries by adopting the right codes and tone. In addition, we work in agile mode which allows us very fast delivery times.

We approach the graphic identity by designing a graphic and editorial eco-system that is rich, coherent and relevant. The image itself is designed in a “responsive” way: while maintaining a strong identity, it must be able to change form and adapt to each medium to ensure the continuity of the customer experience over time, despite the multiplicity of messages, targets, campaigns and communication media. We think in terms of brand platform and territory, which apply beyond the print/digital divide, to all the fields of brand expression.

Graphic design and editorial design are thought out and thought out together, so that you have coherent and relevant materials. So that the form [the design] is not dissociated from the content [the editorial], this global approach allows the message to be put into narrative and image.

The graphic design carries and sublimates the information. It offers texts new perspectives, enriching them with a vocabulary and a graphic universe. Coupled with graphics, information can be considered in a much more dynamic way: a computer graphic or illustration, rather than text.

Motion design is particularly adapted to enhance your image, your products, or your concept, whether on social networks, on your website or on large screens during an event.

This film format is composed of animations of titles, visuals, texts or characters. It allows you to skillfully convey an idea or concept in an aesthetic, modern, dynamic and educational way.

Motion design animations are becoming increasingly popular for presentation films, music videos, commercials and training films.


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Our image professions find a complementarity in creation. The main goal of each of our work remains the enhancement of our clients’ image and the satisfaction of their needs. For this we mobilize different technologies and skills. From graphic design to referencing, we handle customer files internally to ensure consistency between all media. We also call upon the best specialists in specialized fields such as web marketing or printing to ensure the quality of our work from start to finish.

From web, tablet and mobile displays, whether for your campaigns, websites or newsletters, our graphic designers are masters at adapting our creations to all digital formats.

Finding the right information in the right places, defining a logical user path, it is the alchemy of a pleasant environment and a worked path that provides the best user experience.

From static to movement, with the advent of video consumption on the net, it is quite natural that we animate our graphic creations to make them even more dynamic.

Because a drawing is sometimes worth more than fine words, we have surrounded ourselves with talented illustrators, with different styles that best represent the stories we create for our clients.