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BT Sport’s app now offers Hype Mode, just in time for the Premier League


Before the start of the Premier League season, which is currently in full swing, the popular UK pay-tv network BT Sport added a completely new alternative viewing experience to its app. It all started with exclusive coverage of Manchester United’s inaugural match against Leeds United at Old Trafford. This Hype Mode, which began with this major game, will now offer a variety of graphics aimed towards younger audiences.

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This feature will include an action-themed on-screen description of crucial moments and shot tracers with images such as fire blazes. Not only that but these fiery athletes will be accompanied by smoke trails and larger-than-life on-pitch graphics that indicate amazing speeds.

Networks in the US have previously experimented with youth-targeted broadcasts, such as when ViacomCBS aired an NFL wildcard game on Nickledon. BT, on the other hand, claims that this new feature is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Hype Mode, a first-of-its-kind invention in the UK, will give a novel viewing experience for children and families watching live football broadcasts. This will not only provide a unique experience but will also ensure the integrity of the competitions they cover.

Manager Mode

Prior to this campaign, the BT Sport app included a number of new features. This will include an improved version of the broadcasters’ Manager Mode tool, which was first introduced last season. Manager Mode will undoubtedly change this year, as it will now contain a mini-map depicting both teams’ current formations. Not only that, but we’ll also see information like key touch locations in the opponent’s half and time spent there.

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Hype Mode and Manager Mode, two additions, have been accessible since the start of the new Premier League season. Not only that but also during select broadcasts from the Uefa Champions League and Uefa Europa League events.

This season, BT Sport will introduce a new timeline feature that will be available for the first time on all consoles, smart TVs, and other large-screen platforms. Viewers will be able to go back and forth between critical moments and the real action.


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