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Premier League clubs exploring the use of software to tackle online abuse


The UK Premier League is putting its foot down and taking action as more and more abuse floods players’ screens on social media. On social media, the constant bullying of these top-tier players is taking its toll. In light of this, clubs have agreed to look at a variety of alternatives to prevent more criticism. One of these tactics, which is important in a strong defense, is to use cutting-edge technology designed to tackle online crime.

Respondology, a cutting-edge technology firm has become increasingly popular with the Premier League in recent weeks. Six clubs within the league are considering Respondology’s software that would shield clubs and their players, from online abuse. However, after speaking with the firm, their battle to defend their players from these inconsiderate remarks has escalated. Despite the lack of confirmation, the software will enable real-time concealment of violence on a variety of major platforms. As a result, the Premier League will be able to achieve its target of preventing abuse against players.

Respondology’s technology, which uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence, will not let them down. Despite their reliance on technology, they value the human element in everything they do. With this in mind, they employ a team of up to a thousand moderators who work in real-time to remove harassment. This team of human and computer moderators works to keep violence away from the public eye. They don’t stop there: the post is open to the original posters, allowing them to be found and reported, ensuring that this violence is not ignored. This software will soon be in use, as many top-flight clubs have shown interest in it. We don’t know the names of these teams, but we do know that some of them compete in Europe as well as the Football Association itself. 

More to come from the Premier League

Mod™, Respondology’s platform, has already seen some success in the sporting world. NASCAR and its drivers are now loyal consumers. They’ve also been adopted by a number of NBA, NFL, and NHL teams. According to Respondology’s president Erik Swain, the aim of Mod™ is to remove spam, bots, and abusive comments. Given that this is also the target of the Premier League, this software will be extremely useful in obtaining real-time results. This program is not only necessary but also efficient, removing violence in less than a second 24 hours a day. The Premier League can use keyword filtering thanks to the customisation of this software. Clubs are encouraged to draw their own lines when it comes to promoting conversation and debate. As a result, they can ensure that it does not cross the line into what they consider abuse.

The use of this software by the league isn’t its only tool for fighting social media abuse. They intend to implement a social media blackout at the beginning of next month as part of their fight against online bullying. From May 1st to May 3rd, the league suggests that clubs boycott social media for 24 hours following their games, so fans can expect a quiet social media feed. This bold also move means that the league would stop posting on social media during the round of games.


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