Dubbing is the best way to make a large audience familiar with your sports content. If you want to achieve audiences from other countries, this is crucial. When it comes to sports dubbing, knowledge of tactics and vocabulary related to sports is required. 

So, if you are thinking of getting sports dubbing services for your brand, there is no better option than Samba Digital. We have a team of dedicated professionals to provide you with excellent dubbing services. Our sports dubbing services are designed for sports brands that want good results. 


International Dubbing Services to Fit all your Needs

Sports have a fan base around the world. So, it is important to keep them connected with your sports content, no matter where they are from. By keeping this thing in mind, Samba Digital provides dubbing services for almost every sport and every language. 

In dubbing, it is important to use relevant terminologies associated with each sport. At Samba Digital, our specialists have all the professional and deep understanding of the sports terminology to deliver you the unnoticeable dubbing for your content. 

We use professional translators to make the international audience comfortable with the vocabulary. Moreover, our dubbing professionals are curious about the sport and other cultures, and they always offer new content for the audience.

Our experts take care of your dubbing advertising messages, professional voice messages, and multimedia products in various languages. 

some of Our Clients

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Adapting Content for the International Market

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We at Samba Digital are an international sports agency that has a lot of experience in the field. With all that experience we understand the needs of the market and the fans, and content in different languages is one of them.

Our company’s linguists use advanced technology and communicate with their project managers to deliver the best results. 

We are using this strategy to help our clients be more connected with the international audience, creating a fan base in the world. If the fans get the content in their language, they will engage more with your brand. They can easily connect you’re your brand and enjoy it despite being international fans. 

Samba Digital provides incredible sports dubbing, which contains segmentation, lip-syncing, symbol insertion. Our specialist put more focus on pronunciation and articulation to deliver authentic dubbing. It will allow you to have your hold on the international market without facing any language barrier.

Different Dubbing Services for your Sports Brand


Samba Digital offers several types of dubbing services for your sports brand: 

  • Lip sync dubbing

Samba digital provides the best lip sync sports dubbing services. In this, our process is divided into three phases. The first one is international language adaptation for perfect lip-sync. Then, the second step is voice casting. In Voice Casting, our experts ensure that the dubbed voice is natural. The last and final step is editing and mixing. In this step, the processes of step 1 and step 2 are perfectly blended to generate an excellent result.

  • Voice-over

Besides sports dubbing, sports voice-over service is also available at Samba Digital. Our voice-over services make it easy for you to source the expertise that you need for your sports brand. We have a team of professional voice-overs experts who will be paired up for your sports brand to fulfil the project needs.

  • Narration

Samba Digital provides the best dubbing narration services. It is mostly used in e-learning, corporate multimedia, documentaries, and other projects. In this dubbing service, our experts calmly narrate the information for your audience to understand.