Video Subtitling Service for Sports

  • Press conferences
  • Reportages
  • Documentary
  • Advertising spots
  • Highlights…

Sports Translate produces subtitles in all major language combinations and for almost all sport-related uses, including press conferences, news reports, documentaries, digital billboards and advertising content .

Turnaround times depend on the project but can be accelerated in the event of urgent projects requested

by the client. Typically, 30 minutes of subtitling per day per linguist is available. This varies according to the type of content. For large projects requiring a fast turnaround time, multiple linguists can be used. We always add a verification stage where a single linguist checks the consistency of all files.

Our Added Value


Delivery possible within two hours for your most urgent projects


You can pay by project, or contract for longer term assignments


We work with experienced translators who are specialists in sport

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