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Samba Awards defines finalist campaigns

Samba Awards defines finalist campaigns

The award features big clubs like Santos, Flamengo, River Plate, Peñarol, Vasco and Fluminense, but also spotlights actions from Ceará, Remo, Atlas, AFA and NBB.

To celebrate the best creations of clubs, associations and players involved in Latin America sports world, the third edition of Samba Awards was launched this Thursday, the 20th, presenting six campaigns in three different categories to compete for the prize.

Developed by Samba Digital, an international sports marketing agency, Samba Awards has two main goals: to promote the creation of quality digital content in Latin America and to bring the Latin American market closer to European professionals. The jury is formed by 45 qualified specialists from both sports industry and representatives of the main social networks worldwide.

                                               CLICK HERE TO WATCH ALL CAMPAIGNS

The aim is to provide opportunities to bring the American and European markets closer so that, in the end, it can develop a qualified network.

The Samba Awards offered the opportunity to submit entries in three categories: Social Action; Audiovisual and Engagement. Overall, more than 120 campaigns were registered and after a first analysis by the creative and social media areas of Samba Digital, 18 of those were selected for the final phase.

Local rivalries mark the edition of the Samba Awards 2022

The carioca fan will almost relive a State Championship in the Audiovisual category as Flamengo, Fluminense and Vasco were nominated with relevant campaigns.

While Flamengo vies with a more marketing-focused campaign, called Manifesto – Nossa História, developed by rapper Marcelo D2, Vasco competes with the “realignment” of its traditional logo.

Developed by designer Marcelo Azalim, the crest’s layout – which features the caravel – was perfected and its story was told with brilliant voiceover by journalist – and Vasco supporter – Vanessa Riche.

Fluminense is also in the running with the story of Chico Guanabara. A historical documentary that addresses racial issues and seeks to put prejudice down. With impeccable research led by Dhaniel Cohen, author of books on the history of the Tricolor, it was well received by the internal jury.

Now in social action, a duel worthy of the Brazilian football in the 60s. Santos and Botafogo relive epic moments: Santos with its “Grito por Respeito e Liberdade” and Botafogo with a campaign that addresses racism as one of the main social problems.


Argentina will also have its competitors. The rivalry between River Plate and Racing can be seen in the Engagement category. In addition, AFA, the country’s football federation, was nominated in the same category. This guarantees great chances for the Argentines to win Samba Awards again, since Talleres’ masterpiece “La Vida a Tu Lado” won last year.


It’s not quite a rivalry, but the Social Action category has two campaigns from Mexico: the incredible – and sad! – story of Maribel, victim of prejudice throughout her life. The campaign was produced by the Mexican Football Federation.

Atlas, which was recently crowned champion after a long wait, also reaches the final stage of the Samba Awards. The production features its players promoting small businesses to consumers in order to reduce the harsh impact of Covid-19 on local merchants. 

The Nominees

Social action –   Click Here to Watch the Nominees

  • Atlas (MEX) – #ReLateJalisco
  • Botafogo & Centrum – Racismo: o vírus estrutural da desigualdade
  • Ceará – SUS – 1 minuto de aplausos
  • Clube do Remo – Raízes da Amazônia
  • Federação Mexicana – Mário, a emocionante história de Maribel
  • Santos – Peixão Musical – Grito por Respeito e Liberdade

Audiovisual – Click Here to Watch the Nominees

  • AFA – Kun Aguero
  • Clube Atlético Mineiro – Para aqueles que já se foram…
  • Flamengo – Nossa História (Manifesto)
  • Fluminense – Herdeiros de Chico Guanabara
  • Peñarol – A História Continua
  • Vasco – Brand Redesign

Engagement –  Click Here to Watch the Nominees

  • AFA – Somos campeões! – Luck Ra
  • Flamengo – Gabi & Lewandowski
  • Fortaleza – Dia dos nAMORados
  • NBB – Jogo das Estrelas
  • Racing – #PasoaPaso20años
  • River Plate – Tu Hora de ser Socio

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