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Instagram experiments with Likes on Stories as a new way to engage users


When you think you’ve seen it all from Instagram, they surprise you by releasing new features for testing. Instagram users can reply to a Story with emojis that are sent to the creator through DM. Creators can also be contacted by writing direct messages that are delivered to their inboxes. We can share and follow, but there’s more to these Stories. The like button is such a big part of Instagram and most other social media platforms, it was only a matter of time until it made its way onto Instagram Stories.

Currently, it looks that Instagram is quietly preparing to start live testing of likes on Stories. With this new feature, they plan to give an even easier and faster method to connect with a Story without needing to be a feature of a user’s inbox. Nothing has been verified since it is still under development. However, we could expect a like feature to emerge beside the message box at the bottom of the Stories display depending on the outcomes of these trials.

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This new element would imply that current story forwarding choices will be relocating to the function menu instead. With this newest announcement, it appears that Instagram has toned it back a touch. Instagram is simply letting the like button accessible in the current test, as opposed to all of the different Reactions options. This lack of reactions, however, might be in relation to how they will be in the Stories frame. Instagram also noted that creators would be able to see their like counts in the same location as Story viewers.

The history of likes

Although it may feel like a long time ago, given the number of updates since then but Instagram had eliminated public like counts on feed posts in 2019. This was before allowing users to select whether or not to display likes, rather than completely deleting the option. Instagram made this adjustment in order to minimize the pressure associated with public posting and competing for likes. This gives users the option to remove that aspect if they choose to. Theoretically, it assists to reduce peer comparison and prevent users from removing postings that don’t meet a specific like level.

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This new feature raises the possibility that a similar pressure will occur again. They do, however, serve a ranking function and are crucial for the users getting that involvement. But, of course, Instagram has considered this issue of displaying likes and has devised a solution. Counting likes on stories will not be public. It would be private information between the user and the creator.

This feature can help Instagram enhance its Stories ranking by prioritizing content from the creators that users enjoy the most, while also adding an extra interactive aspect.