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Samba Digital’s Key Role in Creating the “Viva Chiefs Kingdom” Documentary

Samba Digital’s Key Role in Creating the “Viva Chiefs Kingdom” Documentary

The passion for the Kansas City Chiefs, one of the NFL’s most iconic franchises, is now fully captured in the documentary “Viva Chiefs Kingdom.” This project not only showcases the growing devotion to the team in Mexico but also marks a significant collaboration between the production team and Força Studio (Samba Digital’s Studio), which played a crucial role in bringing this exciting project to life.

“Viva Chiefs Kingdom” is more than a documentary; it’s a celebration of the unwavering loyalty and passion of Kansas City Chiefs fans in Mexico. Thanks to Força Studio’s vital contribution, this story can now be shared with the world, highlighting the beautiful relationship between the team and its dedicated supporters.

Get ready to be moved by the stories of Chiefs fans in Mexico and see how this passion transcends borders and cultures. Don’t miss “Viva Chiefs Kingdom” on Fox Sports and soon on YouTube!



The Documentary Journey

“Viva Chiefs Kingdom” is a two-episode documentary series that delves into the deep connection between the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans in Mexico. The narrative spans from the early struggles of finding Chiefs merchandise to the glory of winning Super Bowl LVIII. The documentary is a tribute to the passion of Mexican fans, highlighting dedicated supporters who live and breathe the red and yellow colors.


Where and When to Watch

The documentary “Viva Chiefs Kingdom” is set to premiere soon, airing exclusively on Fox Sports in Mexico initially. A few weeks later, in a date to be defined, the series will be available on the Kansas City Chiefs’ official YouTube channel, allowing fans worldwide to experience this inspiring story.


Content Description

The series takes viewers on a journey through five Mexican cities: Chihuahua, Monterrey, Torreón, Puebla, and Mexico City. Each city reveals unique stories of fans who dedicate their lives to the team. From Marizette Mosqueda, who spread her passion to her family and friends, to Lorenzo Osorio Machorro, who considers himself “born in Arrowhead” due to his immense devotion.

The documentary also features Reynel Rosado, who hosts a podcast dedicated to the Chiefs, and Ernesto Castro, an anesthesiologist who founded a Facebook group now boasting over 5,000 members. These are just a few of the many stories showcasing the diversity and intensity of Chiefs fandom in Mexico.


Samba Digital’s Contribution

Samba Digital not only helped secure a multi-year broadcast partnership between Fox Sports and the Kansas City Chiefs in Mexico but was also instrumental in the production of the documentary series. The collaboration ensured that every aspect of the Mexican fans’ passion and love for the Chiefs was authentically and emotionally captured.



Alberto Cassio
Evelyn Cassio
Ernesto Castro
Alfredo Fernández de Lara
Mario Menchaca
Luis Mendoza
Marizette Mosqueda
Reynel Rosado
Juan Payán
Lorenzo Osorio Machorro
Eric Fong
Carlos Martínez
Berenice Batista (Luis’ wife)
Antonio Laija (Marizette’s husband)
Mexico film crew
Santiago Tróccoli Director
Victoria Tolchinsky Executive producer on set
Julio Cornejo Line Producer
Santiago Tróccoli DoP
Anna Tormenta 2nd camera
Matías Gómez Direct sound
Força by SAMBA
Frédéric Fausser Samba’s CEO
Jonathan Hemann Samba’s Executive producer
Tomás De Micheli Samba’s Executive producer
Matteo Trevisani Territory coordinator
Federico Parrondo Account Manager
Omar Ramírez Luckie Fan Liaison
Jordán Orlando Development – Scriptwriter – Showrunner
Sergio Wavriniuk General Assistant
Leandro Caterberg Editor
Martin Albiñana Motion graphics
Pedro Henríque Motion graphics
Nicolas Abello VFX
Felipe Abril Illustrations
Zub sonido Audio Post-Production
Santiago Tróccoli Colorist
Luciana Menghini Subtitles
Kansas City Chiefs
Lara Krug Executive in Charge of Production
Robert Alberino, Jr. Co-Executive Producer
Joe Helder Director of Production, Special Projects
Lucas Boyd Editor, Special Projects
Katie Kemmerer Coordinating Producer
Steve Sanders Photography Support
Mitch Holthus Voice of the Chiefs
Matt McMullen Research
Glenn Connelly Camera Operator for KCC
Daniel Luksa Camera Operator for KCC
Corbin Meier Camera Operator for KCC
Elyse Ricigliano Camera Operator for KCC
Greg Tonge Camera Operator for KCC
Dane Van Why Camera Operator for KCC
Austin Wood Camera Operator for KCC
David Kelsey Audio for KCC