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Instagram begins testing Story Links for all users


Instagram is one of the most popular and often updated social media platforms currently on the app store. With this popularity, they must update their app in order to remain relevant. Instagram’s most recent and largest update, which remains in testing, is the ability for those without millions of followers to connect to other content from Instagram Stories. This linking tool will be different from the swipe-up functionality we’ve seen in our favorite influencers’ Stories.

Rather than swiping, this upgrade will use a sticker that followers can tap to open the link in their browser. This interesting new feature is presently being tested by the Instagram team to evaluate how users respond to the app’s links. They’ll also search for the most frequent types of links to check if they’re using this feature to spread misinformation. Despite the fact that it is currently in beta testing, this feature is likely to be limited to Stories.

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Instagram has been using the sticker strategy for a long time. Users who do not publish as often as the system suggests do risk becoming obsolete. Those who play the game and post on a regular basis have a better chance of gaining a huge following. Once users gain 10,000 followers, Instagram will grant them access to a new level, allowing them to share links to external websites.

No matter how many followers they have, verified users have access to the links. External links are a simple tool that will benefit all users, regardless of their level of engagement. However, like with most things, this new update may have some drawbacks. This functionality could have a negative impact on activists and educators who have already helped pave the way for call-to-action messaging.

Bye-bye to complicated links

There would no longer be times when users wished they could share links without having to tell their friends how to get to the link in their bio or copy and paste a long URL into their mobile browser.

Instagram would gain a big advantage over TikTok, with whom they are always competing if they could link to other websites. This competition between the two platforms continues since the most recent hashtags to hit on Instagram Reels originated on TikTok.

TikTok has also been updating its site in anticipation of Instagram’s next move. TikTok has developed Jumps, which incorporates apps into videos to allow for things like a link to a Wikipedia page. However, there are still some issues to iron out with TikTik’s new feature. This new feature currently doesn’t allow direct linking outside of the URLs displayed on profile pages, but if they want to stay on top, they must address this bug as soon as possible.

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This linking feature would assist Instagram in its goal of becoming known as a home shopping network. If it had this feature, it would be more appealing to small businesses as a platform. These small business owners could publish to their Etsy stores and personal websites if they didn’t use Instagram’s commerce stickers. This function is presently in testing with a select group of Instagram users, so we’ll have to see how long the rest of the Instagram community will have to wait.


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