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Top ten tips for a successful TikTok approach


Since its launch in 2016, TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed. This creative platform has seen a huge surge in users since the initial lockdown, when people resorted to their phones for entertainment, a sense of normalcy, and even adventure in this limited time. TikTok has been dubbed a full-fledged marketing powerhouse for businesses on a global scale as a result of its growing popularity.

Because this new platform is such a valuable resource, Samba Digital has developed a list of ten key elements to consider while joining the TikTok world with the support of their team of specialists. From identifying a prospective niche to actually shooting your video, the Samba team has compiled a list of useful tips, including some that have resulted in their own client success stories.

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1. Storytelling

The golden recipe for a successful video is content with a beginning, development, and denouncement just before the end of the video. Users will wait until the end of the story to see what occurs, increasing the completion rate. As a result, this formula enhances the likelihood that the algorithm will reward your video, and it will begin to appear on a number of “for you pages”.

2. Be creative 

It’s important to remember that anyone can be a creator on TikTok; the site allows everyone to make entertaining videos and discover other people’s talents. Even though anyone can be creative, success is not guaranteed. For success on TikTok, a combination of innovation and humour is required. Not only that, but becoming noticed on TikTok is dependent on the personalization and quality of your content: both established and new creators can earn incentives on this network. 

If your product isn’t known for being very eye-catching, you’ll need to surprise users by participating in trends that they didn’t expect you to or by making inventive changes. The most crucial thing in TikTok, and the only thing you need to consider if you want millions of views, is that your video is watched all the way through. It’s even better if they view the video multiple times.

3. Be consistent 

We’ve all heard that consistency is important for a variety of tasks, and the same is true when it comes to using various social media networks. Consistency is important on TikTok; publishing regularly ensures that the algorithm identifies you as an engaged creator. While it’s crucial to maintain consistency, don’t overdo it! The recommended number of posts is 4 to 5 videos every week at the absolute least. Also, if you don’t want your reach to suffer, don’t go too long without posting.

4. Music is everything

Music delivers everything you need on this video platform. Songs have become popular on Spotify, and TV snippets have resurfaced as a result of TikTok audios. You know what might happen if you listen to the audio, so you wait until the finish. Between the audience and the producer, music inspires a need to know more. It is preferable to use audio that has been used by thousands of people over audio that has never been used. Your audio might be just as crucial as your video on TikTok.

5. The video’s length is crucial

The duration of a video can have a significant impact on its outcomes; for example, the results of publishing a 12-second video vs a 16-second video are not the same. These four seconds can mean the difference between an entertaining video and one that sits on your wall collecting dust. The better your story or edit is, the longer your video will be.

Your objective should be for the average viewing time to be longer than the video’s own length. That means people have seen it several times because they have missed something or because they need to comment about it and the video is playing in the second plan while they write their comments.

6. Humour above all  

You must be able to interact with your audience in their own language. To do so, you’ll need to immerse yourself in TikTok’s universe and use the same trending language and memes that they do. You have two choices as a brand: surprise them or don’t. User’s value and remember strategies such as laughter, failures, and laughing at oneself. If you don’t use amusing strategies, your content will generate little to no buzz.

7. Add Tags 

Tags help viewers grasp your video’s content. It also makes it easier for consumers to find content that they are interested in. Not only can hashtags help users locate what they’re looking for, but they also help your videos be discovered. When joining a trend that is genuinely taking off, remember to apply the required tags; otherwise, no one will see it. You’ll be able to reach a wider audience with these tags, improving the chances of your content being discovered.

8. What not to do

So far, these recommendations have all emphasised what creators should do, but it’s equally important to emphasize what they shouldn’t do. In order to offer your content, the best opportunity of attracting a user’s attention and being clearly seen by the algorithm, knowing what not to do is just as critical as knowing what to do.

  • Do not produce content as horizontal 16:9 videos, as if for YouTube or television.
  • If you don’t have a story to tell, don’t post videos that are longer than a minute.
  • Posting only once or twice a week is ineffective. With so few posts, your algorithm will suffer.
  • Don’t undervalue the power of live videos or the value of tools; they’re there for a reason!
  • Please don’t duplicate content or publish for the sake of posting, even if the content is irrelevant. People want to see new stuff; no one appreciates reruns as much as they did the first time they watched them.
  • Do not forget to respond to your followers and users, both publicly and privately.
  • Do not use audio editing instead of using official audio; the original is usually better.
  • Do not forget to incorporate comedy, surprise, and uniqueness in your videos.
  • Don’t begin with the most exciting part of the video; if you do, no one will stay until the end. Instead, entice viewers to stay watching.
  • Do not delete a video under any circumstances! 

9.  Learn the difference between TikToks and Reels 

Because TikTok has become so popular, it’s only logical that competitors such as Instagram have created their own version of the site. With this in mind, Reels was created and shared with the world via Instagram. Because both Reels and TikTok feature similar explore pages, video editing interfaces, and overall concepts, it’s no surprise that people are comparing them. However, we should not apply the same criteria to TikTok and Reels because here is where individuals go wrong. There are two different cover photos. For example, on TikTok, you must select a video frame. Reels, on the other hand, allows you to export an image from your gallery.

The video is of a certain length: Reels are only 30 seconds long, whereas TikToks can last up to 60 seconds.

Audio: You can mix speech and music on TikTok. However, users could not mix Reels until recently.

Make remixes or duets: Duets are what they’re called on TikTok, and they only work if the other user has the feature turned on. TikTok, on the other hand, allows creators to select the duet’s place or simply take a piece. Reels, on the other hand, ensure that it is engaged by the other person. Reels, on the other hand, do not allow you to make more choices.

Images: Users will be able to upload photos to TikTok. However, it is claimed that photographs cannot be added to Reels.

Learn more about Reels, which are becoming more enticing as a result of new Instagram analytics.

10. Best practice

Samba has worked with clients such as Juventus, LOSC Lillé, and the French National Team on TikTok, putting these tactics to the test and returning with exceptional interaction and views that are only growing. From these clients, Samba learned that we needed to entertain, impress, and surprise them. They’ve also used a lot of humour, storytelling, and epic music. The following are just a few of the criteria that Samba adheres to in order to provide the greatest results for its clients TikToks:

  • Because this is a mobile platform, it’s critical that native videos are shot vertically (9:16), as opposed to horizontally (think vertical only). 
  • Timing is essential, and videos between 9 and 14 seconds are more likely to go viral.
  • Creators should create material on a daily basis to demonstrate their commitment to the platform, which may be demonstrated by their reach.
  • Going live on the platform is a valuable feature since it allows users to communicate and develop relationships. As a result, wherever possible, you should try going live. The platform not only encourages creators to go live but also rewards them for doing so.
  • Be innovative and use original content. You will be penalised if you repeat content.
  • Always try to use audios that have previously gone viral rather than uploading native audio.
  • Comment on other users, whether you’re aware of them or not, and try to reach them.
  • Run a number of tactical campaigns with a small budget that are well-targeted. TikTok’s CPV is excellent, as it makes use of all of TikTok’s features.


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