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Reels, TikTok’s competitor, becomes more appealing thanks to new Instagram Insights


Instagram Shop and Shopping in Reels are two new features that have been added to the platform. Both of these tools were created within the last year to help independent creators make a living. With this in mind, Instagram has added additional Reels and Lives insights to its Professional Dashboard. These new metrics will aid businesses and content creators in better understanding how far their work reaches. All of these tools will help Reels catch up to TikTok, which already offers users thorough analytics. With Instagram and TikTok constantly competing, it can only be good for influencers and small companies who rely on these networks to boost their income.

Previously, Instagram creators could only access data on a Reel that was publicly visible, such as views, likes, or comments. They will now be able to see more about their Reels, such as the number of accounts they have reached, saves, and shares. Instagram will also show how many Peak Concurrent Viewers are watching their live streams. Not only that, but the Instagram app’s account metrics section will have breakdowns that show users which accounts they’re visiting and which content formats are generating the most engagement.

The game as we know it might not alter as a result of these analytics. However, it will certainly make it easier for entrepreneurs and content creators whose firms rely on social commerce to play. Shopping in Reels makes in-app purchases more convenient. Until now, there was little data available to assist firms in customizing their Reels to reach out to potential clients.

TikTok’s competition

The inventors of these Instagram insights can’t celebrate just yet. This is thanks to TikTok’s analytics, which has long provided creators with information on average watch time, traffic sources, and geographic performance. Earlier this month, TikTok said that it would test in-app sales with a few stores, including Hype streetwear. This will give it an advantage on Instagram, though it is unclear when the feature will be made public. As a result, the combination of Instagram’s insights with in-app commerce could be the perfect storm for content creators looking to reach and ensure the monetization of their target audiences.

This function couldn’t have come at a better time, as insights will certainly be important in the future. Currently, determining the true effective reach of your films is tough, and seeing insights means getting more feedback to help enhance content.

Influencers can use these metrics to work with brands on sponsored content. Brands have been asking creators to make videos for Reels since Instagram updated its interfaces to put short videos in the premium position.

Instagram analytics are already available, and the social media platform plans to roll out more tools to help creators monitor engagement in the coming months, as well as provide insights on desktop.

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