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4 Reasons Working With Freelancers Will Level Up Your Sports Marketing

4 Reasons Working With Freelancers Will Level Up Your Sports Marketing

 If you’re looking to level up your sports marketing game, working with the right international freelancers is the way forward.

Working with international freelancers with skills and experience that align with your specific marketing goals will give your campaigns and communications edge; you will leap ahead of the pack.

Did you know? 62% of leading brands state that working with freelancers speeds up the progress of their projects while 55%  believe that hiring external talent reduces costs.

Intrigued? Let’s look at the main reasons working with international freelancers will level up your sports marketing game.

1. A niche sports marketing skillset

One of the main benefits of working with experienced international freelancers is niche skills. Working with a wealth of brands and organisations within the sports industry gives freelancers a level of experience that could give your brand a competitive edge. Here are some areas where niche sports marketing skills will give you the tools to thrive:

  • Creating compelling conversational content in several regional languages
  • Deep pockets of knowledge in niche subject matters
  • Local sports marketing campaign expertise
  • Razor-sharp communication and organisation skills


2. A fresh and creative freelance perspective

Building on our last point, as international freelancers have a wealth of experience within the sporting sector, you stand to reap a host of creative rewards when you hire the right talent.

Not only do talented international freelancers have the ability to adapt several brands’ voices, but by working with a broad range of brands and clubs around the world, they come equipped with bundles of creative innovation.

Gaining the external perspective will give you a fresh set of professional eyes on your communications, content, and ideas. Plus, you will also gain access to a wealth of fresh ideas and creative thinking that will elevate your sports marketing efforts from good to inspirational.

3. A wealth of networking contacts and opportunities

Another big perk of working with international freelance talent is added brand exposure. Some of the best freelancers have a healthy social media following as well as a balanced mix of key industry contacts.

This means that when you hire an international freelancer, you’re opening yourself up to invaluable cross-promotion as well as influencer marketing opportunities that will expand your audience, build fan or consumer trust, and boost your brand authority. All of these are key ingredients of sports marketing success.

4. An excellent return on marketing investment (ROMI)


All of these aspects combined result in something that every sports brand or club requires to thrive in a competitive digital landscape: a healthy return on marketing investment (ROMI).

Working with international freelancers will ultimately give you access to the added creative perspective and experience that will give you incredible returns. Ultimately, hiring freelancers to work with your existing internal talent is an excellent investment—especially when it comes to sports marketing.

Final thoughts…

Without a doubt, working with international freelancers will take your sports marketing strategy to the next level.

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