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Twitter removes ‘Fleets’ as it prepares to test its new TweetDeck


Twitter made a surprising announcement last week that will surely have an impact on their platform in the future. This social media network has announced that Fleets, their very own stories format, will be retiring after less than a year in service. Following this announcement, Fleets are expecting to be in the last weeks before leaving in early August. There is, however, a new beginning with this ending. Twitter’s focus is now shifting away from Fleets and into a new audio Spaces product, as well as a revamped TweetDeck.

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Fleets History

The goal of Fleets was to give people a place to express their fleeting thoughts. It was with the hope that this would encourage more people to join the Twitter conversation. However, the outcome was less than ideal. The number of new people joining the discussion with Fleets did not increase as they had hoped.

Last month, Twitter launched its first test of Fleet ads, further elevating Fleets in the minds of its users. It was difficult to know whether the option would be useful for businesses as Twitter had not disclosed any official data on Fleets usage.

Because of the slow growth of Fleet users, Twitter has concluded that it is mostly utilized by those who are already Tweeting to promote their own Tweets and communicate directly with others. Users are ultimately using Twitter as a free amplification route, rather than contributing to the entire Twitter experience as intended.

New features to replace Fleets

With this information, Twitter made the executive decision to go a different way, while simultaneously learning from this feature and applying it to new areas of its platform. Updated camera options to better support full-screen images and full-screen ad formats are likely to be among the new areas.

It has also been suggested that they’re boosting in-progress audio Spaces near the top of the timeline to increase audio participation. The profile bubbles at the top bar will be visible when subsequent upgrades are released, so not all of Fleets features will be lost.

Twitter had also started pushing Fleets in other ways as well, such as presenting users Fleets from individuals they don’t follow and emphasizing comparable Fleets when growing specific postings. The think tank, however, later withdrew these possible enhancements.

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TweetDeck Updates

Since January, rumors of a TweetDeck update have circulated, along with hints of possible paid feature add-ons for the platform’s increasing subscription options. Twitter has begun a live test of the redesigned TweetDeck, confirming the rumors. A Tweet Vompser, enhanced search tools, and additional column types are among the new features. There will also be new ways to organize your columns into Decks, allowing you to do more with your data.


The new column layouts, which allow you to resize and rearrange your columns to give them more or less screen time, are the most noticeable display enhancements. You may now customize your columns by extending and reducing them on-screen.

It’s not a problem if consumers don’t like the idea; this function is optional, and you can maintain your columns as they are. Users may also construct new Decks with this upgrade. These Decks allow you to create a whole new set of columns that will display on a secondary dashboard that will be accessible from your sidebar.

The new TweetDeck, which belongs to the genre of search tools, has a basic interface for search options. Users are, however, restricted by Twitter’s sophisticated search parameters. These parameters have always been able to incorporate into your TweetDeck tracking columns. Although these search tools will remain accessible, they will be easier to use as a result of this improvement. And just when you thought you’d seen it all, there’s one more. Within the app, you can now see how your tweets will appear, making it easier to plan and schedule them.

More testing to come

TweetDeck’s latest version is currently available to a select number of people in the US and Australia who were picked at random. A notification will appear on the user’s TweetDeck dashboard encouraging them to test out the new TweetDeck. Because it is such a powerful and valuable tool, TweetDeck is gaining more attention. However, we may see them go much further in the future, and increase the number of testing of the existing TweetDeck.


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