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To promote his brand, Ronaldo launches Ronaldo TV on Twitch


Former star Ronaldo has revealed a new venture in this era of eSports, as the sport grows in popularity. Part of this project is developing the image of the President of Valladolid and partner of the Octagon Brazil agency in a universe that brings him closer to young people.

The Ronaldo TV channel debuted on Twitch last week, a platform that began as a game streaming platform before expanding to incorporate sports broadcasting.

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This is particularly exciting because it will be the first offering of Ronaldo’s ODDZ Network, a company he founded to work on experience projects for fans. This channel is expecting to contain videos of the Phenomenon discussing games, football, and other topics. Ronaldo TV will broadcast a tennis event involving the former player and several well-known pals between December 12th and 19th.

This former athlete will also use the platform to make comments about the eSports world. The first encounter in the gamer world will take place in collaboration with Call Of Duty. “Call of Duty: Warzone,” a tournament bringing together game professionals and football players, will be broadcast on Ronaldo TV.

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Through its own production company, this channel intends to broadcast sporting events as well as podcasts. In Spain, this is similar to what Barcelona player Gerard Piqué does. Máquina do Esporte’s podcast mentioned that the agency would begin taking some projects off the table as part of its relaunch. Ronaldo TV is the first of these.