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Sportsbetio remains at the top of the leaderboard as the Big Brother Brazil finale causes a stir on social media


In Brazil, May was a month full of crucial decisions for the regional championships. May is significant not only for football but also because it marks the end of the 21st season of Big Brother Brazil. Such large-scale events made quite a stir, generating a lot of talk on Brazilian social media.

With the increased rivalries and Big Brother in a decision-making mood, the bookies’ performances on social media with their profiles in Portuguese have undoubtedly improved since April.

Total numbers 

During the month of May, sports betting sites with Portuguese accounts generated a total of 341,000 thousand interactions across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Unlike football clubs, where Instagram has five times the number of interactions, Twitter has the greatest engagement rate among sports venues. In total, almost 181,000 thousand interactions were generated, representing a staggering 53 % of all interactions. Instagram accounted for 40% of the total, with 138,000 thousand engagements. Following Instagram, Facebook came in with 7%, amounting to slightly over 21,000 interactions. 


On both Twitter and Instagram, Sportsbet.io took the top rank in terms of total interactions in May. When Twitter and Instagram were combined, this house came in first with an astonishing 148,000 interactions.

On May 22nd, Instagram reached its pinnacle, accumulating 10,000 engagements. With 8,500 thousand of these interactions taking place in a draw for the title of the Campeonato Carioca do Flamengo, a club sponsored by the firm.

Of course, we must not overlook their Twitter accomplishments during the last month. A post about Big Brother Brazil was recorded as the highlight. Gil do Vigor, a contestant on the reality show, was the biggest star in this episode, according to Sportsbet.io. With this in mind, this message drew a whopping 32,000 interactions on this platform.

More highlights

On May 16th, KTO Brazil surpassed the 3,000-thousand-interaction threshold on Instagram. This is all owing to the post with over 20,000 views featuring Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson, narrated by Paulo Andrade, ESPN Brazil’s narrator. Despite the fact that we are focusing on social media, it would be impolite to ignore the narration. Several profiles on the day highlighted it, including the KTO, who know how to seize the moment to publish.

On the 18th, Dafabet bet on the Santos fan’s pride, announcing with a design that it was betting on the “largest Brazilian in the world.” A second post on the same day with an offer for followers to get the result right and earn a $20 free bet stimulated their interaction even further. This post was a huge success, with Santos liking it and the post generating an incredible 2,800 engagements.

Who else is posting?

BetWat esports BR was the most active profile on Twitter. In March, they published 1,400 posts, totaling 4,58 thousand. Despite their efforts, they have only 0.11% engagement.

LuckyBetting generated 148 posts on Instagram out of 1369 total posts involving sports bookmaker profiles.

New followers 

In May, KTO Brazil gained the most new Instagram followers. KTO Brazil was able to gain an incredible 4.6 thousand followers, representing a 12.63% growth in their fan base. Betfair was close behind, with 4,500 thousand new followers, representing a 21.29% growth.

In terms of Twitter, Betmotion, which ended its sponsorship of Fluminense on June 1st, was the company with the most new followers. They gained an incredible 1,600 followers, a 39% increase over their previous following. Sports betting sites gained a total of 10,500 new Instagram followers and 4,600 new Twitter followers.

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