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Sorare adds SPFL license to its NFT’s portfolio


Sorare has announced a multi-year licensing agreement with the Scottish Professional Football League. Sorare will launch a collection of online fantasy game NFT’s which will feature top Scottish players from 11 of the Scottish Premiership clubs. Rangers will not be a part of this deal as they already have a pre-existing contract with Sportemon Go.

Users will be able to buy and exchange player cards while building their teams in the fantasy league the platform operates. The individual player cards which users possess are digital products whose value increases or decreases depending upon the player’s performance in the real world.

With this agreement in place, SPFL is the latest sports property to be a part of Sorare growing portfolio which consists of deals with La Liga, the Bundesliga and MLS.

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SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster, said: “The SPFL is always looking for innovative ways to offer our fans more enriching experiences and to broaden the appeal of our competitions to audiences from around the world. We’ve been looking at the digital market as a way to do that for some time and it quickly became clear that Sorare is a leader in this emerging category.”

Last Year Sorare was able to secure a $680-million funding that valued the company at $4.3 billion. Since then the French company has acquired 1.5 million registered users worldwide and they have seen its commercial portfolio expand.