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« Sound is 50% of the experience of a film. This statement by George Lucas also works for your videos!

Voice-over consists of adding a voice over the original track. In other words, the words of the person on the screen are always audible, but it is the voice of the voice-over actor that is heard the most. The strength of this format compared to subtitling? It prevents the viewer from looking down to read the text as it scrolls by. It is a preferred format for documentaries, but also for corporate films.

We work with voice over specialists who bring your characters and your story to life.

Our editors then mix the voice-over, music and create sound effects, completing the sensory experience.

Our teams work alongside you to provide you with a perfect audiovisual adaptation, in line with your expectations and those of your target audience. Years of experience have enabled us to develop an effective method, organised in five steps:

A first transcription phase, during which our teams listen to and transcribe the original document.

A second phase of translation/adaptation, during which the content in the source language is transmitted to our linguists.

A third phase of recording – we welcome in our premises one or more professional actor(s) with whom we are used to working with, led by an artistic director, for a session supervised by a sound engineer.

Finally, an editing phase, during which our experts cut and mix the recording to conform to your video.

The digitalization of content makes it necessary to be present on the world market. We can handle your voice-over recordings in French but also in 8 other languages.

The quality of the translation is very important for the success of your project. All the professional translators we work with are used to managing multimedia projects. They sometimes have to adapt your text to meet the timing of your film. We can also produce your video subtitles.

In order to save you hours of re-editing, we can directly put your voice-over on your film or animation. You can also provide us with a sample voice or a text with « time » indications. 

Offers subtitling services for any type of video and company presentations from and into any language, such as English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.

We generally use the subtitling technique when the video has been recorded in a language that the audience or a part of the audience does not understand (either because of a lack of knowledge of the language or because of a physical handicap) and when, for reasons of style or price, dubbing of the video is not desired.

A subtitle is a text that appears in the lower part of an image and provides additional information about the image or translates a speech or dialogue expressed in a foreign language.

There is an eternal debate as to whether dubbing or subtitling is the worst or the best. We believe that each case is different and that it all depends on how we wish to convey the information.

The good thing about subtitles is that they respect the actor’s or speaker’s original phrase and also allow people with hearing problems to have access to all the information. On the other hand, the negative point is the invasion of the graphic space of the screen and the constant deviation of the attention paid to the images.

Subtitling a video is not just translating the video. The translator has to synthesize, adapt or remove many rhetorical elements that are natural when speaking: speech markers, babbling, regional or social accents, regionalisms and dialects or character-specific irony, intentional circumlocutions, ellipses, omissions, etc. The translator must also synthesize, adapt or remove many of the rhetorical elements that are natural when speaking.

Subtitling work is divided into three parts:

First, we eliminate pleonasms, redundancies, babble, interjections and all superfluous elements that do not alter the meaning of the message. In all cases, the elimination can partly reduce the nuances of the message (its emphatic, ironic, colloquial character, …).

Secondly, parts of speech that can be implied are removed and shortened because the viewer has visual or contextual information that can replace what has been removed.

Finally, and as a last resort, the core of the speech is cut: in this case, it may be necessary to change the conjugation and place of the verb, the syntax of the sentence, to add shorter words that have a similar meaning, and to remove predicates or topics and replace them with brief and direct third-person references to concepts or people that appear on the screen, for example.

Access our recordings for free listening or contact us to receive by e-mail an extract in the desired language. Please note that all formats are supported and that edited audio files are delivered securely. We also produce audio files for languages with an oral tradition (e.g. the indigenous languages of Oceania or various African and Asian languages), as well as for certain content aimed at a partially illiterate target audience. To access various recordings in indigenous languages broadcast on our YouTube channel, click here.

Professionals provide voice dubbing of your audio supports in the languages of your choice, allowing you to operate on the international market without any language barrier.

We offer you voice recordings made without accent, by professional actors, men and women, exclusively native speakers. Depending on your needs, we can take care of dubbing advertising texts, multimedia products, professional voice messages and interactive services in many languages.


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