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Samba’s Weekly Trends in LatAm and the US (20/11/20)


Who would have thought that we’d be watching an Instagram Masterclass from Spurs manager Jose Mourinho today! Over the last few months his has become one of the must-follow accounts on the platform, with many people now converted to fans through his approach. So how does he do it? This is how…

One of the biggest talking points this week has been around the launch of the highly anticipated PlayStation 5. This isn’t properly LatAm but but the PlayStation 5 “limited access” presentation video in Spain was extraordinary! Starring the biggest influencers from YouTube and Twitch, journalists, athletes, musicians, and many more.


Twitter this week launched Fleets, their Stories format and one we put together some more information about after having early access in Brazil during testing – Samba Digital

Not to be outdone by Twitter’s new update, Instagram launched Guides. A feature that allows creators to share tips, resources and longer form content in a dedicated tab within the platform- Techcrunch

Thanks to Matt Navarra for pointing out this great Twitter inspiration resource – Marketingexamples


After previously looking at the Brazilian league for our social media table, we have taken that concept and taken a look at the national teams during the recent international break. Who would come out on top?

1. Even with a drop of 50% compared to the games period of Rounds 1 and 2, Peru maintained its leadership in Facebook interactions. However, this loose difference in the first two rounds, which was 530k over Argentina, dropped to 36k in the interactions of Rounds 3 and 4. Argentina, vice-leader in both rounds, also had a slight drop in performance. From 805 to 612k. Brazil, the most populous country on the continent, was in 4th position with 187k interactions. In addition to Peru and Argentina, Brazil also lagged behind Colombia both in Rounds 1 and 2 and now, in Rounds 3 and 4.

2. Still on Facebook: Peru’s performance on Friday, the 13th, when there were 252k interactions, would be enough to beat Brazil which, adding up all the Facebook interactions between the 12th and 18th of November, was of 187k.

3. If Brazil was bad on Facebook, on Instagram the country was the leader with 2.6M interactions. With a growth of 50 thousand interactions in relation to Rounds 1 and 2, Brazil assumed the leadership that had been Argentina’s in the first two rounds. Argentina was in second place again with 1.68M interactions. A 43% drop compared to performance in the first two rounds when they were the leader of interactions with a total of 2.94M.

4. Although Brazil has added the most interactions on Instagram, the peak performance of Round 3 and 4 was from Argentina. With 659,4K interactions on Friday, the 13th, photo posts in the tie against Paraguay in Buenos Aires generated 386K interactions, almost 60% of the day’s total.

5. With approximately 450K Instagram interactions, Peru had the highest rate of engagement by followers among the South American teams: 3.82%. For comparison, Argentina had a rate of 2.43% and Brazil of 0.83%. In Rounds 1 and 2, Argentina had obtained the best rate with 3.54%.

6. Even with 1 million more followers, four victories in a row and more posts during the 12th and 18th of this month (141 x 126), Brazil had about 36K interactions less than Argentina and was in second place . Leader in interactions on Twitter, Argentina reached 0.65% engagement rate. The selection that most posted on Twitter in the period of Rounds 3 and 4 was Chile. In total, there were 194 posts. However, his performance did not correspond and La Roja was in 6th place.



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