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Samba Digital crowned the Marketing & Services Provider Of The Year at the SBC Awards 2021


The SBC Awards recognise the achievements of operators and affiliates, as well as suppliers from all major sectors such as payments, marketing, platform providers, and data, among others. The SBC Awards 2021, which gathered 800 attendees, recognised firms that are thriving and flourishing in these difficult times. Samba Digital took home a huge award at this exciting event as they won the Marketing & Services Provider SBC Awards 2021, owing to the hard work of the Samba Digital team. As a result of this thrilling win, this article covers four of Samba Digital’s campaigns that stood out for their ingenuity and success.

Cafu campaign with Rivalo

One of these initiatives was our TV spot and activation of the Cafu campaign with Rivalo. Within this Rivalo advertising campaign, Cafu, as the ambassador, depicts many times and obstacles from his career. These important moments were featuring a video set in a studio and in the neighbourhood where he grew up. This inventive film linked his situations to Rivalo’s message “Even after big challenges you need to believe in yourself. Rivalo, your best move”.

Leo Moura & LeoVegas

Online gaming and sports betting are becoming increasingly popular diversions. With this in mind, LeoVegas, an online gaming and sports betting operator, took another move to expand its market. This was really good news for the Samba team, who was in charge of the campaign’s development. Samba was also responsible for finding ambassadors. Léo Moura joined the Samba Digital team as the company’s newest ambassador in Brazil, with the goal of growing engagement in the Brazilian market.

The collaboration between this platform and the player fulfilled two aims. The initial step was to develop a local presence, which was followed by an increase in client and partner base. Having a four-time Brazilian Championship top right-back and multiple title winner on their side was a huge step forward for them. Bringing Léo on board increased brand awareness and built trust with their customers.

LeoVagas is a well-known international brand with a thriving business, especially in Brazil. Léo Moura was an excellent advocate in this regard because he knows and understands football, allowing him to make intelligent bets. This collaboration with the former star player will extend until the end of 2021 and includes involvement in both online and physical events, as well as social media posting. He also assisted partners and LeoVegas’ own channels, as well as picture rights usage.

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Betwinner and Amuletobet

Samba Digital also put in a lot of effort to plan a new Betwinner brand activation in São Paulo. Former Brazilian national team left-back Roberto Carlos worked as the brand’s official ambassador on the streets of São Paulo for the entire month of June as part of this new effort. As a result of this brand activation approach, 50 metropolitan line buses were made available. There were also three fully covered buses that circulated the city, each with photographs of Roberto Carlos and a unique QR code.

This brand expected to reach up to 5 million people as a result of this activation. Internal folders were expected to reach 1.125 million people. Not only that but wrapped buses were planned to reach a further 1.3 million people, bringing the total to an astonishing 3.9 million.

The primary purpose of this exciting campaign was to increase Betwinner’s presence in Brazil. This wasn’t the only advantage of this marketing; it was also a great opportunity to introduce their new ambassador, a Brazilian idol with two big fan bases. Roberto Carlos was particularly well-known in São Paulo, where Betwinners developed this event using Samba to strengthen their position in the Brazilian market. There were QR codes on each of the three buses that would take customers to the Betwinner homepage and a welcome promotion. A new user who scanned this QR code received a 100% bonus on their first investment. However, the bonus can only be earned up to R$ 650.

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Rafinha and Fogobet

We’ve worked with Rafinha on a variety of activations for Fogobet, including prizes, content, and billboard campaigns. Thanks to this collaboration, Fogobet’s social media accounts have risen by at least 25% in the last three months.

Thanks to their relationship with Samba Digital, Fogobet has been its new ambassador across all of its social media platforms. This online sportsbook has teamed up with Samba to use its marketing expertise to promote footballer Rafinha. This right-back, a Libertadores and UEFA Champions League winner, is a key figure in the marketing campaign. The goal of this Brazilian marketing effort was to not only promote the Fogobet brand in Brazil but also to demonstrate that Fogobet is here to stay.

This initiative undoubtedly created a lot of interest. Instead of his well-known shirt, Grêmio’s footballer wore a new one. As a result of the agreement, the athlete became Fogobets’ newest brand ambassador and the company’s face in Brazil. In this agreement, Rafinha’s role was to promote the brand and help it grow over time. Fogobet intended to improve its ties with its clients by bringing on an ambassador, and what better way to do it than with a popular footballer?

Fogobet intends to keep the commitment they made from the start. They’ll keep giving out the best odds and incentives. They wish to not only uphold this promise but also to treat their customers with respect by providing all-new casino and slot games. The footballer’s role was to assist FogoBet’s marketing efforts, which focuses on raising brand awareness. Rafina will be a part of the company’s social media and marketing efforts throughout Brazil. Rafinha is not only the campaign’s face, but he also assists the brand on his popular social media channels. We can expect a lot more in the future, as there are a number of other initiatives in the works.

Congratulations again to everyone at Samba Digital for earning this award, and certainly look forward to further success in the future!