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McLaren and Roblox creates F1 fan experience to mark the launch of the MCL36


The new MCL36 Formula One vehicle from McLaren Racing for the 2022 season has been revealed on the Roblox video game. With a live demonstration, McLaren revealed the car with the hope of bringing them closer to becoming World Championship frontrunners. This partnership is significant since it marks the first metaverse activation for a Formula One team. This debut was especially notable since it occurred at the same time as the real-world debuts of drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo.

This new car premiere is part of a larger McLaren rollout with Roblox, which also includes the ‘McLaren F1 Racing Experience’. This platform allows fans to race a virtual MCL36 vehicle in a number of Roblox in-game activities. Among the activities for fans to enjoy and lose track of time are ‘Driving Simulator,’ ‘Jailbreak,’ and ‘Ultimate Driving’.

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The McLaren Technology Centre, a digital duplicate of the team’s headquarters, will be open to the public for tours. Fans may also purchase McLaren merchandise on Roblox, such as avatar packages featuring the famed Formula One team’s drivers.

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Creating more than just a Roblox store

Roblox’s technology has been able to produce a thorough, interactive experience that is equivalent to the actual launch event. With this launch, they are providing users with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drive the MCL36 ahead of other drivers and share their experiences with other Formula One fans.


McLaren is searching for new ways to communicate with fans, and this new virtual expansion is just one more strategy to help them reach that goal. McLaren is a great illustration of how firms can break down barriers and reveal their products to a global audience. This is a big move as this is the first time a Formula One team has presented their racer through an immersive experience that millions of people can access at the same time.