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With an official Roblox store, the NFL enters the metaverse


As more famous names enter the metaverse, the NFL has followed suit by opening a virtual store in the Roblox video game. This online store was created in the hopes of capitalising on growing customer demand for digital items that may be used in the metaverse.

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Roblox is a free online gaming world where users can create avatars and customise their own game environments. In addition, supporters are participating in games and events. Furthermore, this allows fans to spend Robux, virtual currency that can be used to purchase items, customise avatars, and areas inside the games. Not only that but users will be able to purchase real virtual helmets for all 32 clubs in this football league’s first journey into the metaverse.

Fans can already get their hands on exciting merchandise for clubs from the AFC and the NFC. More drops and products will available to fans as early as next year, according to this league.

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This new shop was thanks to Melon, a development team that specialises in generating digital experiences on the platform. Many of their clients have developed a presence in the game to engage consumers and produce new revenue streams. Roblox is an excellent platform for connecting with younger, digitally native sports enthusiasts. Barcelona, a Spanish soccer team, is a prime example of this. This club has already made use of Roblox to promote their new official uniforms. Nike has recently launched a new game zone named ‘Nikeland’. Nikeland on Roblox is free to enter, and users can receive authentic products and avatar incentives.