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La Liga is looking to build a bigger market in North America


La Liga is exploring the prospects of expanding its business in North America. The Spanish league had established its presence in the region with the objective of tapping a bigger market filled with commercial opportunities.

The Spanish league foraying into the American market

In a bid to gain more brand exposure the league had announced a regional broadcasting deal with ESPN in 2021. The league ideally wanted to reach a wider audience hence they opted to rope in ESPN who have an audience base of over 100 million users in the region.

The Spanish league has also taken the initiative of creating local content that potential audiences would consume hence they have opted to open a production studio in Mexico where they would create and deliver content in different local languages. The league had devised its own digital strategy that would cater to the audience’s demand hence they are looking at the possibility of opening production studios in other North American markets and they are looking to produce content locally.

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“It is a content-centric approach,” said Gartner CEO of LA Liga North America, “What we are doing is building a community here. The trick is creating content that people want.” He further goes on to discuss ways through which the league can differentiate itself from other big European leagues in the region and he strictly emphasized the need to build a bigger community through new initiatives.

In the past four years, La Liga which has its main North American office in New York has managed to generate $10 million of local sponsorship revenue. The revenue generated came from the establishment of La Liga football academies in the region and through the monetization of local content which was created and uploaded in several social media platforms.

The Spanish league has made its mark in the region however they are exploring newer ways through which it can enhance its engagement with fans and build a bigger community.