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LaLiga becomes the first European league to have its own TikTok program


With a digital strategy becoming increasingly important, LaLiga is expanding their own by recently introducing their first show, Play LaLiga, which is available only on TikTok. This new way to watch will include a monthly live broadcast space where football will be the main attraction. This new programme has content creator challenges as well as interviews with football players and artists. This is not all; we will also see eSports, giveaways, and exclusive news.

LaLiga’s presence on TikTok is undeniably important, with 4 million followers, and the club will continue its engagement to the leading entertainment site with this new sports project. TikTok has been crowned the best short-form video platform, and the two titans have linked up once more to bring football to the world.

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Play LaLiga 

Play LaLiga is a monthly entertainment programme that comes to a growing platform with over a million users worldwide. The success began last week, with special guests such as Adri Contreras, who won the No Know Everything About TikTok Award for Best Sports TikTok Creator of 2021. Not only that, but it also featured RC Celta de Vigo player Fran Beltrán, as well as numerous LaLiga collaborators and content developers, making it a rather complete cast.

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Play LaLiga will serve as a primary hub for all LaLiga and football fans to learn about what has occurred in the last few hours firsthand. Not only that, but it will also reveal a lot of unexpected surprises, making this a truly unique entertainment venue. TikTok users who enjoy football will be able to watch a LaLiga show for the first time in history.