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Juventus and Andy Murray are welcomed into the world of NFTs


Accepting challenges, articulating a future vision, and setting new benchmarks. This is the set of guidelines that Juventus follows on a daily basis. Juventus’ entry into the field of NFTs demonstrates their commitment to these objectives even further.

NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital assets whose uniqueness is ensured by a blockchain that certifies them in the same manner that bitcoin transactions are verified. This one-of-a-kind qualification prepares them for the world of collecting, an area in which Juventus is known for its leadership role, with over 123 years of great events. Not only that but recent endeavors such as unique jerseys have been met with enthusiasm by fans, with both online and in-store sales running out in a matter of hours.

More on the world of NFTs, including a Chivas NFT auction to commemorate the company’s anniversary.

NFTs are already out 

This club’s digital content is already available, having been made available for the first time on June 27th. The first item up for auction was a 3D, high-definition reproduction of the brand new 2021/22 house jersey, made in collaboration with Adidas. As the debut date approaches, more information will become available. This multi-faceted endeavor was following the collaboration with Socios and the license with SoRare. Collaboration with artists and real-world interactions will be a part of this new endeavor.

This is a new venture for Juventus, but it does not lose sight that every action has an impact. The problem of excessive energy consumption in the blockchain world is well-known. With this in mind, Juventus has decided to take on this new challenge with the help of NFT Pro by Geer. Geer is using Palm, a new sustainable NFT protocol built on Ethereum, to understand the environmental implications of adopting blockchain.

Andrew Murray cashes in on 2013 Wimbledon win

Andy Murray has thrown his hat into the ring as the popularity of NFTs grows. Murray’s Wimbledon NFT does not include the copyright to the video footage. However, it does include a crypto asset that represents the moment the Scottish star first won the prized lawn tennis title. Last week, Murray’s idea was unveiled by WENEW, an NFT marketplace created by American digital artist Mike Winklemann.

Celebrity Access 

Winkleman’s new ethereum-based platform will sell short video clips as tradable NFTs, including Murray’s NFT. Fans receive a small physical screen on which to see the clip and advantages like celebrity access in some circumstances.

Murray’s NFT fans will also receive two tickets to the men’s Wimbledon finals in 2022, which will take place on Centre Court. They will not only be able to learn about his incredible career, but they will also be able to play tennis with the 34-year-old and obtain autographed memorabilia.

There are also 20 NFTs of Murray lifting his trophy up for auction, each valued at $4,999 dollars. There are also 50 of his post-win interviews for $499 each, 100 of his Wimbledon loss interview for $99 each. And finally, 500 of his 2013 Murray highlights videos for $49 each. Fans may still have to wait after hearing this thrilling news, as the auction will take place on July 2nd and 5th. Buyers will be able to purchase these priceless moments in both the appropriate cryptocurrency and dollars.


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