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Chivas celebrates its 115th Anniversary with an NFT auction on Avalanche


Chivas, also known as Deportivo Guadalajara, is really making the most of its 115th anniversary. On Avalanche, Mexico’s most popular soccer team is holding a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sale to commemorate the team’s beginnings. To ensure this auction runs smoothly Avocado Blockchain, Mexico’s leading blockchain technology firm is working on the implementation.

This exciting NFT auction began on June 7th and will conclude on July 9th, so there is still time to take part. To the enjoyment of Chivas fans and collectors in Mexico and abroad, the NFT will include unpublished material handpicked and designed by the club.

Not only will this benefit fans, but a portion of the auction revenues will go to the Jorge Vergara Foundation. This non-profit organization works to improve the health of children in Mexico and around the world. Fans can participate not only in the auction but also in a social media open design contest to suggest an NFT concept. The concept crowned the winner will become included in this ongoing series.

Chivas is focused on innovation and the ability to provide fans with fresh and exciting experiences. Chivas experienced a boom in the realm of NFTs and digital collectibles in Mexico. As a result of their popularity, this auction has become the most effective way for their fans to communicate with them online. This is beneficial to both the club and Ava Labs and Avocado. With the help of partners like Chivas, the adoption of digital assets and collectibles can grow even faster. They can also open up new channels of communication for the sports marketing sector.

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