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Green Park Sports partners with MLS for a new metaverse project


Social sports gaming developer Green Park have signed a multi-year partnership with MLS (Major League Soccer) and the MLSPA (Major League Soccer Player Association).The agreement would see both the parties working on developing a metaverse ecosystem that will drive and enhance fan engagement.

Green Park Sports offering to MLS fans

The partnership would see the formation of multiple fan universes in the metaverse which would offer unique interactive experiences.

At the beginning of the season, fans would have the opportunity to create their own avatars with legally licensed apparel. With the creation of avatars, fans can compete amongst themselves in games and in match challenges. By participating in these events fans would have the chance to win exclusive MLS apparels and merchandises. The metaverse would see the creation of fan parties and live fan engagement events which individuals can be a part of.

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Green Park is building the future of sports in the Metaverse and with the launch of its free to play mobile app the company is looking to provide a more immersive and engaging experience to the fans.

“MLS is glad to collaborate with GreenPark to deliver new cutting-edge digital experiences to MLS fans throughout the world”. Says Chris Schlosser, senior vice president of emerging initiatives at MLS.

“Green Park continues to build and evolve the go-to virtual world for fans, one that celebrates, measures and rewards FANERGY and will drive new found engagement and value for leagues,” says Tony Grillo, Chief Strategy Officer of GreenPark Sports.

This deal conceptualizing would see MLS becoming the fourth sports property to collaborate with the entity. Green Park sponsorship portfolio consists of deals with the NBA, LaLiga Santander, and LCS (League of Legends Championship Series). The California based company has been banking highly on the growth of this sector and the recent collaboration with MLS would see their plans materialize.