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Twitter and Meta prepare for the Super Bowl by launching new fan interaction efforts


Exciting news as Twitter and Meta prepare for Super Bowl LVI on February 13th in Los Angeles with new fan interaction events on each social media site. Of course, as most of you know, the NFL championship game is a big deal for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It will generate a large amount of activity from both individuals and corporations. In the meantime, social media has grown as an important channel for the league, its teams, athletes, and broadcast partners.

The NFL’s excitement is only growing, with the NFL divisional round last month seeing a 58% spike in tweets, a 48% increase in unique writers, and a 27% increase in impressions. Twitter is urging users to post their predictions for the game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. As part of this incentive, they have promised to display a selection of tweets on the SoFi Stadium’s LED ceiling.

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Twitter has certainly been keeping busy, collaborating with athletes on a billboard campaign. As part of this unique setup, they are showing predictive tweets from NFL players like Patrick Mahomes and Leonard Fournette, who expressed desires to participate in the Super Bowl years before such wishes came true.

Meta’s contribution

Meta has also been busy. As part of their continued effort to develop a metaverse across their many platforms, they are launching new 3D avatars for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. This function is now available in the US, Canada, and Mexico, with plans to expand its availability in the future. Users can dress their avatar in official Bengals or Rams gear, as well as neutral Super Bowl colours.

Although largely aesthetic, the relationship with the NFL demonstrates how Meta’s metaverse might become an increasingly vital avenue for sports organisations as it grows in scope and development.

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Meta revamped virtual reality avatars last year to make them more expressive, customizable, and diverse. They are currently expanding avatars to better represent the billions of distinct people on the globe. This isn’t all; they’ll also be introducing limited-edition clothes for NFL fans to dress up their avatars in to support their favourite teams.