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Globo’s exclusive survey provides an in-depth look into Brazilian gamblers


Now that we have more tools at our disposal, we can learn more about Brazil, where sports betting has grown from $360 million to $1.25 billion in only three years. This surge has been recognized by the Globo portal, which has issued its own unique report titled “Brazilian Gambler: the Brazilian Sports Betting Market”. We can obtain information about all of the local bettor’s choices in this survey.

We can answer pressing questions such as: How frequently do they play?, How much do they spend?, How do they feel when gambling?, and How much effect does advertising have? We can also discover answers to significant questions like, did they bet more or less during the pandemic, and what sports or competitions do they enjoy watching? And, owing to this survey, we now have these answers.

Sports betting has become a concentrated business that is growing at a rate of 11.5% each year. Last year, in 2020, this international market had a value of an astonishing $59.6 billion dollars, with a projected increase to an impressive $127.3 billion by 2027. The figures in Brazil are equally impressive. With the regulation of sports betting, the country might become one of the world’s industry leaders. These amazing figures, of course, take into account the size of the Brazilian population as well as the Brazilians’ love of sports.

Samba Digital presents the results of the survey “Brazilian Gambler: the Sports Betting Market in Brazil,” which was performed in June of this year and published recently by Globo, based on data from Industry Insights – Telecom, Platforms, and Education Services.

Advertising Investment

Sports Betting Market – All Media

This industry is not slowing down as it becomes more competitive, as seen by the increase in advertising spending. With market concentration, it is critical that interested companies capitalize on this increased exposure.

Aside from sports betting, 69% of Brazilians play the Federal Lottery, and 38% play Fantasy Games. Not only that, but a lower number of 36% of Brazilians invest in Casino Online. Only 33% use informal bets on diverse subjects that are worth money but are not done on a website. Finally, the smallest percentage of Brazilians, 32%, use online bingo.

As predicted, Globo’s CartolaFC, which explores games in the well-known Brasileiro football championship, is top in the fantasy games business, with 78% of respondents on Industry Insights saying that they play fantasy, while 57% do so in the ESPN Fantasy.

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Among the 36%

The modalities that bet regularly account for a whopping 78% of the 36% of those that play online casinos. Not only that, but it was also revealed that 66% of bets are placed on blackjack, 64% on table games, and 63% on slot machines. Despite this, the poll found that 61% of respondents preferred Video Poker, and 50% preferred live games with dealers.

Online Betting

According to this report, a stunning 67% of Brazilians have been spotted betting on entertainment. Surprisingly just 43% bet on business, and only 38% on sports when it comes to internet betting. It’s also worth mentioning that 23% gambled on games of chance, while 12% bet on criminal activities.

Sports betting’s main drivers

It has been discovered that the key motivators for sports betting are fun, income, and connection. Sports betting is a form of entertainment for 60% of respondents, a source of money for 52%, a way to interact or socialize with friends for 13%, and a primary source of revenue for 12%.

Betting frequency determines a player’s profile

When it comes to betting frequency, some users like to keep themselves active, with 18% of customers betting seven times each week. Following the heavy users, 16% of users bet 4 to 6 times per week. Following the betting fanatics, we can observe that 48% are medium users, betting one to three times per week, and just 18% are light users, betting two to three times per week or fewer.

Gamblers of many types

In this poll, they discovered that 55% of respondents are moderate gamblers, meaning they value the security of their bets but are willing to take risks on occasion. This isn’t all: 33% are cautious and avoid taking chances, while 12% are aggressive and take risks in the pursuit of bigger profits.

Engaged bettors

The popularity of sports betting has resulted in more active bettors, with 38% placing a bet in the past seven days and 30% claiming to have placed a bet the day before.

The last bet

Only 9.8% of bettors placed their most recent wager during the past three to six months. The major reason for this behavior is because 51% of people are saving due to the current economic situation, and 27% are tired of losing. Furthermore, 20% only gamble on exceptional games, while 18% lose money and stop playing.

Monthly Investment 

According to the report, 18% invest up to R$ 30, and 17% invest between R$ 31 and R$ 50. Not only that, but for those with a little extra cash, 9% invest between R$ 51 and R$ 70, 18% spend between R$ 71 and R$ 100, and 17% spend between R$ 101 and R$ 200. 9% of big spenders invest between R$ 201 and R$ 500, 10% spend more than R$ 501, and just 2% do not utilize real money and only wager with bonus or play money.


More than half of survey respondents claim to have started betting on sports during the pandemic, with 59% betting for no more than 12 months, 13% betting for 12 to 18 months, and 28% betting for more than 18 months.

People continued to bet despite the threat of a pandemic. With more time on their hands, 27% of respondents increased the number of bets they placed. The pandemic has had no effect on 18% of them when it comes to betting. 22% of the most cautious chose lower-risk bets, and 21% reduced their betting stake.

Feelings of Gamblers

When placing a wager, these bettors can feel a variety of emotions: 51% are excited, 48% are confident, and 44% are nervous. When it comes to winning, 61% of bettors are happy, 52% are excited, 43% are lucky, and 21% are taking advantage of the opportunity to play more.

It’s a different scenario when it comes to losing, with 45% feeling annoyed, 37% sad, and 31% feeling unlucky. Not only that, when it comes to losing, 27% of bettors are angry, 22% play again to make up for what they lost, 20% don’t play for a while, and 20% are unmotivated.

Diversifying investment

When it came to the poll, the participants were asked how many gambling sites they belong to. With these questions, they discovered that 26% of Brazilians use one site, 33% use two sites, and 29% use three to five sites. Surprisingly, just 12% of Brazilians tend to utilize more than six websites.

Selecting a Favorite Betting Site

When it comes to selecting a favorite betting site, Brazilians ranked the most important elements in order of priority, with the first being payment speed. The second most important aspect is an incentive bonus (free bets). As we go further down the list, the third is a diverse variety of methods for transferring funds, deposits, and withdrawals. In terms of being less crucial, the fourth is listed as having the greatest game odds (quotes) and the fifth as having the most sports, games, and markets inside each game.

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The value of favorable experience in attracting new gamblers

The thing that offers the greatest security and trust when registering an account on a sports betting site is the pleasant experience of friends, according to 54.2%. Friends who use or suggest sites for betting are trusted by 78%.

Other elements to consider include:

  • Sites with a secure connection certificate account for 54% of all visitors
  • Positive feedback from specialist websites (49%)
  • Partnerships with well-known and trusted firms account for 41% of the total (eg payment systems)
  • 41% – Possess a regulatory authority’s license
  • 36% – Support a well-known club, player, or sport
  • 28% when they watch brand advertising on television; 27% when they encounter brand advertising on sports websites
  • When consumers encounter brand advertising outside of the media, 21% say they are more likely to buy

Sports with the most bets

Sports betting is extremely popular, but which sports are the most popular? Each respondent in this informative poll picked an average of four sports. Football was the most bet on by 81% of these respondents, followed by basketball (33%), and surprisingly esports (29%). This is not the end of the list; 26% gambled the most on Poker, 23% on MMA, 24% on Volley Ball, 21% on Horse Racing, 21% on Boxing, 21% on American Football, and 10% on Tennis.

How do they learn about sports content in order to place bets?

With so many methods to learn about sports betting, this survey focuses on how respondents determine what sports content to bet on. According to the poll, 56% of respondents watch sports TV shows, 40% utilize social media groups, and 36% use Industry Specialists. This is not all; 32% utilize consultancy data and reports, 32% are influenced by friends and family, and 30% obtain knowledge from influencers.

Channels for monitoring

It is determined in this study which channels monitor the broadcasts of the events that they wager on in real-time. With this in mind betting sites account for 63%, social networks for 52%, and pay-TV channels account for 52%. Furthermore, according to the survey, YouTube Channels are responsible for 48% of it, while Open TV channels are responsible for 46%.

Selecting a Modality

In terms of modalities, the poll found that 60% of people bet on sports they enjoy watching. With this survey 47% use modalities they are familiar with, 47% on quotations and odds of winning, and 37% on modalities that give a lot of statistical analysis. The ODD quotation is one of the three major determinants of which sport to wager on. For 67% of respondents, team success affects their inclination to wager and/or how often they bet.

Punter vs Trader

Kind of bettor:

  • 20% – Punter
  • 19% – Trader
  • 38% – Both
  • 24% – Don’t know

Improve the experience

Working with players who are unsure of which modality to invest in may be a rewarding experience. According to the survey, 44% of respondents would appreciate a tutorial on how to place sports bets for novices.

The following are the most common sorts of bets:

  • 55% – Simple bets (You place a bet on an outcome, and if your prediction is accurate, you win.)
  • 42% – Multiple bet (Betting on two or more outcomes, such as two distinct basketball games). Multiple bets pay only if the outcome of all your choices is right.)
  • 36% – Double chance (You select two of the three potential outcomes (win, lose, or draw) – this enhances your odds of winning but decreases your profit if you hit)

Advertising’s Influence

With advertising being so important, it was discovered that the key platforms that influenced someone’s decision to bet began with 64% being influenced by the internet, 54% on Social Networks, 48% through Pay-TV, and 47% through Open TV. Not only that, but 16% were affected by newspapers, 16% by foreign media, 16% by magazines, and 13% by radio. Overall, 85% agree or strongly agree that well-known websites are more trustworthy. And 72% want to see the company actively involved in advertising.

With regard to advertising, 71% of respondents say that when they encounter advertising for a betting site they are unfamiliar with, they want to learn more. However, 67% of respondents were influenced by betting site advertising, which might drive users to wager or visit the site. Furthermore, 61% feel compelled to gamble when they are influenced by some advertising. Only 57% believe television advertising has a considerable influence, and 51% say they began betting after being influenced by advertising.

Increasing the stakes

What motivates bettors to expand their online sports betting? According to the results of this poll, 57% of respondents are motivated by special bonus/cashback payments. While 44% had access to more extensive analyses. This is not all; 44% were inspired by a simpler payment method, and 44% were motivated by a simpler site to explore and bet on. Surprisingly, just 9.8% stated they would almost certainly increase the number of bets.

How can the experience be improved?

Betting should be a fun experience, but what might make it even more so? According to the results of the study, 53% would have a better experience if winners were paid faster. 44% would want to see more live games, and 43% would like them to give updated statistics on all game styles. To improve the experience, even more, 35% agreed that technical analysis and comments should be performed after matches.

Authored by: Inteligência de Mercado Globo | Rafael Garey and Glauber Prado

Layout: Izabella Donafe, Roger Arruda and Daniel Frias

Edition: Tiago Lontra and Luiza Lourenço

Source: Gente – O mercado de apostas esportivas

Source: Games Magazine Brasil – Exclusive survey by Globo