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France’s LNB signs broadcast deal with Skweek, La Chaîne L’Équipe

France’s LNB signs broadcast deal with Skweek, La Chaîne L’Équipe

France’s Ligue Nationale de Basket-Ball (LNB) has garnered plenty of headlines of late. Last year came the groundbreaking announcement that the NBA would broadcast the league’s matches in the United States, with a focus on likely number one pick Victor Wembanyama. Wembanyama, of course, was chosen first by the San Antonio Spurs, his generational talent creating hype over his arrival in a way that is all but unprecedented.

Now, the league, one of the strongest in Europe, is set to further advance its position with a new broadcast deal, running through 2030. A collaboration between the league, branded as the BetClic ELITE, the streaming service Skweek and l’Équipe’s la chaine l’Équipe will see the league’s play for the next seven season diffused by the two.

Skweek has already made a strong name for itself with its broadcasting of the EuroLeague and EuroCup, and its adding the LNB only strengthens its portfolio of holdings. la chaine l’Équipe has also impressed — run by the venerated French sports daily, l’Équipe, the channel’s omnivorous approach to sports, which sees its programming include everything from athletics to biathlon and more, has made itself a mainstay.

The two will share programming, with la chaine l’Équipe broadcasting a weekly game on Sundays, as well as the All Star Game and ten playoff matches, including the finals. Skweek, meanwhile, will offer the entire regular season and playoffs, as well as the All Star Game and Leaders Cup matches. Production of the matches will be handled by 21 Production, which is a part of the l’Équipe group.

Philippe Ausseur, the LNB President, was bullish on the deal, saying, This historic agreement with L’Équipe channel and SKWEEK demonstrates the unprecedented attractiveness of the BetClic Élite. I am very happy with this long-term commitment, which will allow the clubs to continue their development and for professional basketball to shine even more by increasing its exposure.”

Indeed, the league’s reputation continues to impress — Bilal Coulibaly was also a lottery pick this season, having joined his club teammate Wembanyama in making the leap to the NBA as the seventh pick. With more exposure, and a burgeoning level of talent, the LNB is setting itself up well for the future.

Header credit: LNB