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DraftKings announces deal with Autograph for a new NFT marketplace


DraftKings has teamed up with Autograph, a sports memorabilia company founded by NFL legend Tom Brady, as the popularity of NFTs grows. This is not the only announcement DraftKing has released recently. As it expands into the world of digital collectibles, the US betting giant DraftKings will launch its own NFT marketplace. We have this new marketplace to thank as DraftKings new venture has led to this Autograph partnership.

Users will be able to purchase and swap digital sports items on DraftKings’ own marketplace, which has just seen its release to the rest of the world. This marketplace will have exclusive distribution of Autograph’s sports products as a result of this new agreement. This might be the start of something bigger, as they look to expand their partnership into other areas.

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DraftKings Marketplace

This marketplace will host future hand-picked NFT releases as well as secondary market transactions. Autograph’s aspect of this agreement will include Pre Season Access. This new selection will be launching as the “first Autograph collection” to premiere on this new online marketplace. More NFTs, including those from Tiger Woods, Naomi Osaka, Tony Hawk and many more will be coming soon as the summer unfolds.

The rise in popularity of NFTs has had a significant impact on the collector market. DraftKings Marketplace was created with this in mind to provide a home for this technology. In order to make this platform the place to trade, they provide clients with a user-friendly experience that is equivalent to that of other current markets. This original concept, created in collaboration with Autograph and its valuable collection of official digital collectibles, is a crucial step in their entry into the fast-rising NFT market. This is also a great opportunity for Autograph to offer users high-quality, personalized content from their favorite athletes and teams.

The success of NFTs is far from over since new pathways are being explored. Until the end of the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, the British Olympic Association has indicated that it will collaborate with Tokens to create its own Team GB digital collectibles.


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