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Clubhouse says goodbye to invite-only and welcomes all users


We’ve been waiting for a new update from Clubhouse for a long time, and it’s finally here. Clubhouse has declared that it would no longer host exclusive parties as the number of new users drops. Anyone who wants to join a club and listen to the most recent audio talks can do so today with this freshly redesigned app. For the occasion, a gleaming new logo has been created for the audio social media platform.

More news from Clubhouse, including the extension of their Creators First Program to include Brazilian creators.

The restricted, invite-only nature of Clubhouse contributed greatly to the initial buzz. Clubhouse invitations became somewhat of an internet status symbol, with some even fetching extravagant prices on eBay. However, when Elon Musk joined a Clubhouse discussion, the app’s exclusivity was effectively broken as people flocked to speak with the well-known figure.

Things haven’t been going well since Elon Musk followers rushed onto the app, causing it to become overwhelmed. Shortly after, Twitter introduced Spaces, a Clubhouse clone, and others quickly followed with their own social features to cash in on the hype. After many more similar apps Clubhouse has been mostly replaced by newer, more open, and accessible audio options.

More to come for Clubhouse 

Clubhouse continues to grow with each new development. This is partly owing to the fact that the app was released for Android devices in May. Thanks to this update, which has enabled more people in more regions to join, the app has generated significant buzz in India, where the vast majority of its new users are now based.

The idea is for this new feature to revive the app’s early enthusiasm. It also competes with Twitter Spaces and Facebook’s expanding social audio offerings. Clubhouse is ecstatic about this new venture and is looking forward to developing something truly unique on the web. Unfortunately, they may need more than hope to get users to return to the app. The fact that everyone can now participate is, nevertheless, a big step forward.

Learn more about Clubhouse’s rivals, including Facebook’s entry towards an audio-focused feature.

Clubhouse now employs 58 people, up from 8 previously. Not only that, but the number of daily rooms on the platform has climbed from 50,000 to half a million. The average Clubhouse listener spends over an hour every day on the station. Users do more than just listen; in fact, a large percentage of them speak as well. This is a great foundation with a lot of room for growth, especially if they want to gain traction among already established platforms. Clubhouse will need to ensure that it can keep up with the increasing volume of users as a result of this new shift, as servers may become clogged with rubbish and random broadcasts.


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