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Clubhouse Expands ‘Creator First’ Funding Program to Brazilian Creators


Despite a decline in downloads in the US, Clubhouse has continued to expand in other parts of the world. The launch of its Android app last month opened up new opportunities for this audio-based platform which is gaining traction in other areas, in a number of important regions.

India and Brazil are two of the world’s most populous countries, with Android as the most widely used operating system. To take advantage of this fact, Clubhouse is rapidly expanding its innovative funding and training program. The Creator First program will give these countries’ creators more opportunities.

More information about the audio-focused social media platform, Clubhouse can be found here.

Last week, Clubhouse announced the launch of Creator First India, and now Brazil will get its own version of the program.


Aspiring moderators, hosts, and creators will receive direct help from the platform in terms of production and creative development, as well as advertising for their shows. Not only that but financial aid is provided in the shape of brand matching or a monthly allowance.

People who enroll in the scheme will also receive a guaranteed monthly income of at least $5,000 dollars. Clubhouse hasn’t released any official data, but it doesn’t appear to be acquiring Brazilian users. Last week, Clubhouse changed its app symbol to a picture of Brazilian @dandarapagu.

Brazilian Clubhouse members have emerged as some of the most extraordinary, innovative, and entertaining people on the planet, according to Clubhouse. With 92% of adult Brazilians using a smartphone and a population of 214 million, it’s only natural for Clubhouse to focus on Brazil. Not only that, but expanding consumption in Brazil will help the company maintain its momentum. Even though Twitter and Facebook now have their own audio networking alternatives, they can still maintain.

However, whether this type of funding is a realistic means of gaining traction and retaining viewers remains to be seen. Clubhouse, on the other hand, is trying everything it can to break into the social scene.


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