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CBF and Garena team up, and the Brazilian national squad joins Free Fire


This week brought exciting news as CBF and Garena decided to join forces. Furthermore, the well-known Brazilian team will join Free Fire, the most downloaded mobile game in the world. This collaboration will have a tremendous impact since Amarelinha will become the most distinctive skin in the group’s ever-growing collection. This isn’t all we can expect from this new partnership; additional unique goods will be created as well. Although we don’t know exactly what these upcoming items are, they are predicted to have a global impact on the gaming industry.

Learn more about CBF’s major moves, such as collaborating with Bitci to create Fan Tokens.

This activation isn’t just for this intriguing digital environment. Billboards will be placed across the Seleço training camps to promote Free Fire. We can not only see but also hear more from this cooperation, including behind-the-scenes interviews and ticket artwork. This initial agreement is for the next two years. The unveiling of the new Brazilian team skins is likely to shake up the Free Fire universe and become a must-have item for any rusher.

Why now?

Free Fire recognizes that its audience is full of die-hard football fans, and this relationship will allow them to show their support for the Brazilian national team. Free Fire, like Seleço, is a national success story that is available to all Brazilians. This agreement will be one of CBF’s most strategic to date because it will allow them to reach out to a highly relevant market audience. As a result of this relationship, CBF will develop a number of innovative activation methods aimed at a younger audience, and the team will become more immersed in this environment.

More about Free Fire’s entry into Brazilian football, including their connection with Cristiano Ronaldo, can be found here.

Football is such an integral part of Brazilian culture and a national passion for many people. With this in mind, Free Fire will continue to inspire its players in the same manner that football has done for millions of people in Brazil and around the world. Although we do not yet have all of the details, more will be available in the coming months.


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