As we have discussed before, the NFL continues to be one of the world’s most popular leagues, not only in the United States, but around the world. In addition to a series of games in the United Kingdom and Germany, Mexico City has also played host to games, and with this in mind, the Kansas City Chiefs have contracted with Samba Digital to run an account focused on Mexico.

In this previous case study, we covered how Samba Digital has helped forge a unique bond with fans in Mexico through innovations that appeal to Mexican culture and tradition. Using both Instagram and Twitter, we have shown a rapid ability to increase the team’s reach in Mexico, showing how to amass not just followers but -engaged- fans.

Previous activations around the team’s regular season games and march to the Super Bowl have been incredibly successful, but for the biggest game of the season, and one in which the Chiefs had the chance to become NFL champions for the second time in four years, we raised the stakes even further.


An integral part of Samba Digital’s approach is key graphics, and these eye-catching designs reached tens of thousands of accounts across both Instagram and Twitter. These graphics, like the header of this article, for example, are the work of our graphic design team, Força Studios.

For the day of the big game itself, as we had for previous rounds, we hosted a watch party at Júpiter, a trendy bar complex in Coyoacan, and set up a ticketed event, which sold out, with more than 300 attendees. Entertainment for the evening included a live mariachi band, as well as initiatives like Chiefs-themed elote, a type of grilled corn.

After the Chiefs won, however, was perhaps the crowning achievement of the evening. In an echo of fans gathering to celebrate victories by their favorite football fans, an intrepid group of fans made the the trip to the Ángel, a journey of more than twelve miles. There, despite the late hour, they celebrated the Super Bowl win in true Mexican tradition, underscoring the growing passion for the game in the country.


For just the first three weeks of February (the Super Bowl was held on February 12), the accounts made the following gains:

  • 575 new followers on Twitter, a gain of 23%
  • 367K impressions, a month-to-month gain of 64%
  • 4,656 new followers on Instagram, a gain of 26%
  • 382K accounts reached on Instagram, a gain of 44%

Clearly, the results will have had an impact on these numbers — people love a winner, as the success of most of the world’s biggest teams is part and parcel of their popularity. But this success was also reflected in media attention, as the event was featured in a live feed on ESPNMexico (seen below at the event), including interviews with fans in attendance. This sort of live energy and excitement is typical of the atmosphere that Samba Digital can provide clients at its activations across its target markets.

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