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Barcelona introduces collectible cards in collaboration with Topps


Barcelona, the well-known football club, has just struck a partnership with Topps to create their very own collectible cards. This intriguing new arrangement negotiated by the American company with the Catalonia club is active until 2024. Despite the fact that this deal appears to be incredibly valuable, the true worth of the contract has yet to be public information.

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This is an incredible opportunity to provide their community and supporters throughout Europe and the world with not only the best Barcelona players but also the best moments in the team’s history and forthcoming seasons. These first cards will be available for purchase at the beginning of 2022, which is really exciting. Among them is a premium package for collectors. There will only be 100 devices available at a price of €1,000 (R$ 6,397). Of course, this is not all; there will also be stickers and posters of the present team as well as some vintage Barcelona formations. Not only that but also rare autographs from the players.

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Although this is a unique connection for the club, Barcelona is not the first Spanish side to have a contract with Topps. Topps has clearly been busy, as the business signed a similar partnership with Real Sociedad in December.

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Following the announcement of the loss of the partnership with MLB, Topps decided to take a serious gamble on the European market and on football. The present deal agreed in 2018, will not be extending beyond 2025. Not only that, but the corporation has a 70-year history with the North American Baseball League. The eventual owner of this stake in MLB has not been declared, although it could be Fanatics, a sporting goods manufacturer. 

Topps was founded in 1938 and was known for promoting rare cards, such as the 1952 Mickey Mantle card, which sold earlier this year for $5.2 million (R$29.4 million). The company currently has contracts with the Major League Soccer (MLS) and the National Hockey League (NHL) (ice hockey league). Furthermore, Topps has been working with UEFA on the release of NFTs across Europe since September.