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Why Hire a Paid Media Agency Specializing in Igaming

Why Hire a Paid Media Agency Specializing in Igaming

Igaming is a new industry that has been rapidly growing through the years. Although the term might be new to you, you probably have learned about it before and might even be playing it. Igaming refers to online betting using electronic ways. Sports betting, events, online casinos, and even online poker are part of the Igaming umbrella.

If you are involved with an Igaming website/company and are looking for further ways to promote your brand, why hire a paid media agency specializing in Igaming? There are a few things that an agency can do in order to boost an Igaming website, bringing more users and generating brand awareness and engagements that will turn into profit later. Check our main reasons below.

Elevate your game to the next level

Sources point out that the Igaming industry has a growth rate of 12% year over year until 2030. It had a market value of $58 billion in 2021 and could reach $145 billion by the end of 2030. This data summarizes our first reason for hiring a paid media agency specializing in Igaming.

Suppose you want to grow your share, overcome the competition, and get a bit more of those dollars. In that case, you need the support of an agency that will bring more strategies to the table, propose changes and optimizations, and stay close to your company until they achieve the common goals defined at the start of this partnership.

An interesting point to consider is that you may have urgent goals to achieve right now, but you also can prepare your brand to grow towards a different level in your segment slowly.

Take advantage of the expertise

A paid media agency specializing in Igaming is ready to serve you in various ways. You may be looking to create and execute a whole campaign, or maybe a tactic or two would help. No matter the objective, the agency will have the right team, with high-level professionals who will use their knowledge and skills in your favor. Take advantage of this expertise, especially if you don’t have an in-house marketing team available to build and evolve a campaign.

Remember that we are talking about an agency that breathes Igaming. They know the industry, the trends, have learned from previous experiences, and have a collection of successful cases and ideas that will work for you.

Another positive outcome for why hire a paid media agency specializing in Igaming is the tools that they have access to. Agencies carry licenses to tools and apps that can help you in different ways, and they also have the expertise to make the best use of those tools.

Data interpretation and optimizations

With the expertise and access to tools that we mentioned previously, a media agency will receive a robust set of data about your brand that will help define the next steps. An agency often has a data team focused only on interpreting the numbers, providing optimizations and new paths to your campaign if necessary. Sometimes, without this support, a company can lose opportunities to overcome the competition and reach the desired level. That is why having a paid media agency is necessary. Stay close to the numbers and develop a “data-centric” culture for your brand.

Expand your brand to new channels

Another positive outcome of hiring a paid media agency specializing in Igaming is the ability to expand to new channels. For example, you have your brand’s website, and maybe one or two social media profiles. The agency can take care of creating new profiles in different channels, optimize your site, create a blog, a YouTube channel, and so on. There are many possibilities around the web, and only a qualified agency will be able to evaluate and propose the best options for your company.

Do it yourself versus having an agency support

Last but not least, there is always this question: “why can’t I do all this on my own instead of hiring an agency?” It is a valid and common question, but part of the answer is already listed on the topics above. Also, even if you don’t have the budget available to contract the full package, you can always negotiate to get what is best or most important for your brand at a specific moment. Doing it yourself will be cheaper but may not be beneficial in the long run as you’ll need support, tools, licenses, and more.

Remember that some of the changes conducted by a paid media agency specializing in Igaming can last forever, even after the contract ends. The expertise, optimizations, and all the effort that will be provided will compensate for the investment. Think about the Igaming growing market and the opportunities that will rise through the following years and make the best decision for your company!