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This week’s optimistic results leave the week on a happy note from our weekly look at the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A’s performances and their clubs on the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Flamengo is continuing its winning streak on the social media table this week, proving itself after last week’s decline in performance. Instagram continued its growth and increased by 7.68 %, compared to the previous week. Fortunately, since they got an improvement of 24.12 %, Twitter has improved from last week. With Facebook following close behind with a 16.71% increase. This week’s overall interactions rose by 10.6% from the previous week.

The Northeast is on fire!

With a total of 1.31 million interactions in the last seven days, Ceará has reached 8th place overall. We have the renewal of midfielder Vina’s contract to thank for that, arguably the highlight of the club’s season. The club on the 17th produced 430,000 interactions. In addition, Ceará has announced a number of signings and renovations. Among them is ex-Grêmio striker Jael, who remains in the Top 10 for the third consecutive week on the social media table. The success of the team in the first division provided a reason for their fans to leap for joy. After Grêmio’s performance on Sunday, they received more than 300,000 interactions, leading to Jair Ventura enjoying a champagne bath during the post-match press conference.

Corinthians in cold water

The Corinthians believed that they could fight against relegation, and it seemed likely with the arrival of Vagner Mancini as their coach. The success of the team improved and they even dreamed of a spot in the Libertadores. 


The relegation of Vasco has prompted their fans to give themselves a detox from the club’s social media pages. In the past week, Vasco experienced a substantial decrease in interactions of 50.52 %, which, in turn, was already much smaller than its normal interaction average.

Continuing to climb 

This week, Flamengo achieved an incredible 15 million interactions, which corresponds to a huge rise of 27% for the club, which is already impressive compared to its rivals. Flamengo alone accounted for 39.41 % of all Brazilian football interactions this week.

Owing to the mourning for the mother of idol Ronaldinho, Atlético faced a difficult week. This loss and the performance of Argentine midfielder Nacho Fernández led the club to double its number of interactions within seven days, from 1.21 million to 2.42 million.

Finally, Santos guaranteed its participation in the Copa Libertadores 2021 edition, leading to a 40% increase in their interactions. This percentage was all down to the 1-0 win in Vila Belmiro on the 17th against the Corinthians, with 885,000 interactions on Instagram.

Peaks of the Week

Flamengo continues to feature in Intsgrams peak of the week. This week the club received 6.8 million interactions on Sunday after winning against Internacional, where they became the championship leader. Flamengo was also Facebook’s high of the week after their victory on Sunday, as they got more than 1 million interactions on Sunday alone. Twitter was not much different because, by beating International at Maracanã, Flamgengo also received 1 million from Sunday.


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