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UEFA teams up with Sportradar as the Champions League’s first exclusive betting data partner


Surprisingly, the UEFA has revealed a new first for the organization. This governing body of European soccer has teamed up with Sportradar for its first exclusive gambling data collaboration. Sportradar, a Swiss-based sports technology company, has agreed to a three-year contract extension. This sports technology company server will be UEFA’s exclusive authorised collector and provider of data for betting purposes under this new deal. Sportradar will be able to carry this title and provide these services to the end of the 2023/24 season. This provider of sports betting data and broadcast solutions has also expanded its position as UEFA’s official integrity partner.

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This intriguing agreement will cover an amazing 1,550 matches throughout the duration of its term. This partnership will also encompass all UEFA properties, including national championships such as the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 and UEFA Euro 2024. Of course, this is not all; it will also include the UEFA Nations League and club competitions like the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

Integrity relationship with a 12-year history

This 12-year-old integrity relationship between UEFA and Sportradar will see an extension with this new deal. Their relationship will have a makeover to include dedicated intelligence and investigation services to support UEFA’s anti-match-fixing unit. Not only that, but Sportrader will continue to supply the UEFA with bet monitoring services to maintain the competition’s integrity. Of course, in addition to safeguarding its member associations, the organization hosts events to defend the sport from match rigging.

This contract will add to Sportradar’s long partnership portfolio, which already includes ties with the AFC and Conmebol in South America, as well as the global governing body, Fifa. Of course, this is not all for Sportradar as they also have collaborations with the NBA, NHL, MLB, and Nascar, in addition to soccer. Currently, the organization covers over 750,000 events each year across an impressive 83 sports.

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Sportradar has over 20 years of experience collecting and developing significant products based on football match data. They have been named the world’s premier sports technology firm. This title is due to being the only organization with the technological capability and one-of-a-kind resources to genuinely assist the expansion of one of the world’s largest sports federations.

The merging of the two relationships enables UEFA to engage more freely with the sports betting sector, providing better access to market knowledge and support from both a sporting and a commercial standpoint.