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Last year, Twitter published details about beta testing a new aspect of its widely successful social networking app. The idea currently being tested is the use of audio-based chat rooms, sound familiar? This new feature has been closely associated with Clubhouse, the new and exclusive social networking platform based exclusively on audio-focused chats that is the talk of the town at the moment (and we wrote about last week).

Twitter Spaces is slowly forming into something more than a concept. We could soon be using this new way to communicate as a limited group of lucky users is testing this feature as we speak.

When the design of the feature was released to us in November, the company stressed the importance of ensuring the safety of its users. However, because of its reputation that users have previously speculated on, this aspect of protection and privacy could be difficult for Twitter to guarantee. Some users consider Twitter to be more than in favour of free speech, which has contributed to violence or intimidation in the past. For example, Clubhouse has faced a variety of issues when it fails to track communications.

This led to threats and offensive language. Compared to the standard text-based communication that Twitter is famous for, it could prove difficult to track and remove users based on audio conservation. Due to this potential risk, Twitter is currently testing this concept to gain a better understanding of whether it is safe and appropriate for its users.

Is there a release date in sight?

We have yet to learn about any testing for Andriod users, sorry folks! However, it is currently undergoing testing on iOS devices. These lucky users can connect with two people or a group of users or host audio conversations. The compose button or the fleet creation, which you can access by swiping right, can be used to create a “Space”. Users can invite individuals to join via DM’s, tweets, or by sharing a link. However, in the near future, we can expect several more changes, including allowing hosts to monitor conversations.

This testing of the latest Twitter innovation has also contributed to the release of new reaction emojis. As well as the incorporation of tools for blocking and reporting.  An early prototype of the automated transcription of each audio file has been released by “Spaces” to ensure its usability. With no news of the outcome of the test phase, “Spaces” is still in the testing phase. It does, however, have its own Twitter page that allows us to have an insight into this feature’s new developments. Don’t forget to listen out!


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