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The Bundesliga 5G app provides fans in the stands with instant replays


With 5G becoming increasingly popular and sought after, Vodafone met this need after successfully testing a 5G-enabled application in Germany. With this interesting software, fans may use real-time camera views and replays to enjoy watching live matches inside Bundesliga stadiums.

This “5G Multiview” app will be accessible to lucky Sky Sports customers in the crowd, allowing them to enjoy the thrills of the stadium while also having exclusive access to the broadcaster’s live coverage, making more of their matchday experience. Sky Sports subscribers already have access, as it was made available during the RB Leipzig vs. Borussia Dortmund match. This application allows individuals to examine the actions they had just witnessed using five different camera viewpoints.

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Many organisers and venue owners see in-venue apps as a means of striking a balance between the broadcast and in-person experience, so there’s no reason to miss out! With TV constantly improving, some sports fans are debating whether they prefer to watch sports on their own couches. With more apps like these in stadiums, spectators will be able to watch from both sides.

Meeting demand

While many football fans are aware that they can watch games on their phones while in the stands, current mobile technology isn’t yet ready for this. Thousands of fans are simultaneously attempting to send high-quality footage via large mobile networks. This flurry of activity has the potential to degrade stream quality, leaving streams behind in terms of what’s happening on the pitch. With this in mind, Sky and Vodafone teamed up to create a solution that takes advantage of 5G technology. Vodafone is the first provider in Germany to use these frequencies, promising 2.6 Gbps speeds and latency of fewer than 10 milliseconds.

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This is made even better by the fact that the Bundesliga has quickly reached an agreement with Vodafone. This will ensure that 5G connectivity is available in all of its clubs’ stadiums. It allows images to directly transfer from live production facilities to Sky’s mobile transmission medium and, ultimately, to fans’ phones. Fans can now witness a goal in person while also watching a replay on their device without missing a single thing on the field. Vodafone has also used its on-site 5G networks to test solutions that combine multiple live data visualisations with AR.