Football Club Sponsorship Activities

Football Club Sponsorship Activities

If you are a football club manager, fundraising and sponsorship can be a real struggle for you. But thankfully, Samba Digital is here so you don’t need to struggle much. We know that football club sponsorship ideas work better when you look out for them and don’t wait for them to come to you.

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Why should you carry out sponsorship activities for the football club?

Football has the power to bring people closer together since it brings out the best in people when they are rooting for a common cause.

By carrying out such activities, your brand and club become credible to people. The online presence is worth having, and you can improve the public image of your business or football club.

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Top 5 fundraising ideas

  1. 1. Sponsored Events

Throw an event, can be a good idea once you can give your club and the sponsors visibility and also get closer to your fans and community.

Events, when made the right way, can give you a good PR result and profits. It also gives content to publish on your social media, increasing the results and the space for exposure of the sponsors.

  1. 2. Organize a quiz based on football

Many football lovers love to flaunt their knowledge of football. Hosting a test or football-based game connects you more with such people who are crazy about football. You can host a quiz In your training center with a neighbor or local partner. It’s crucial to know your fans to understand who the best partners are to get to your quiz. This game would be a minor event, but it needs to be well-planned to bring good results.

  1. 3. Get a big commercial support

Get big sponsors is gainful, but these kinds of deals are tricky to find. Make the smart choice. Target the nearby organizations and let them know how you can accentuate the amount offered by them.

This can be done in many ways, like putting the organization logo on your merchandise to highlight them. The other way is to publicize their brand around the pitch field, advertisements, etc. Ask them clearly what they need for their online presence and understand what your club can give them. It’ s also important to have numbers and statistics that shows what would they gain being your sponsor.

Are you lost and know what to do or where to start? Then look for someone or an agency that can help you.

  1. 4. Football club facilities

If your football club has all the basic and advanced amenities, then it is a win-win situation.Throwing a football match event is  the perfect idea to get different sponsors and funds. Invite local teams and arrange a sh

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How does Samba Digital help your football club?

Samba Digital can help football clubs by develop digital presence, using PR to get visibility and by helping activate sponsors. We activate the business in targeted areas, and it help the football club develop, reaching more fans, sponsors, and media.

  1. 1. Tailor-made strategies

Tailor-made marketing is essential for your business that includes a strong digital presence. Samba Digital focuses on your goals and makes some digitally effective strategies according to your needs.

  1. 2. Worldwide Network

Having connections worldwide keeps you apprised of the new opportunities in your sector. Samba Digital helps you connecting with the world, collaborating with sponsors and companies. We help you to find companies interested in the football industry with values like those of your club.

  1. 3. Business activation

Business or brand activation is one of the most important things. It is what will make your business or brand known. Samba Digital helps you get recognition among people. We help you activate your business with our experiential marketing techniques, we tend to bring the clubs in front of the masses. We help you in organizing relevant campaigns to activating your brand.

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