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Non-fungible tokensmost known as NFT, can be used in several markets. That means that an NFT can be a crucial asset for the sports market. As NFTs are something new in the market, it’s not easy to reach all their potential. That’s why having an NFT Sports Agency it’s crucial for any company that wants to innovate and go beyond. 


How can an NFT sports agency help me?

Since NFTs are something new, tracking and defining the best strategy is not simple. Therefore, having an NFT sports agency to help you in this process will help you get better results when creating a good strategy.

Agencies that have experience with sports, like Samba Digital, can show you the right way in this new market and help you innovate and generate good results for your marketing.

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How NFT can be used for sports companies?

The main benefit of NFTs is that as digital assets that are not fungible they are unique. They have a value associated with them and are backed by a blockchain so that you can track and trace the flow of that token over time. Like this, you can be sure what they are and who they belong to.

Sports companies, athletes, clubs, and institutions can create their NFTs and offer them to their fans. In this way, the NFTs created will be a new way to connect fans with their idols. As unique products, these NFTs will have a very high added value and will offer fans a new way to engage and be part of the athlete’s or club’s history. NFTs can be whatever you want, as long as it is unique. Videos, images, audios, arts. Thus, sports brands that want to innovate and offer this product have several opportunities and models and can offer these NFTs on different marketplaces developed on blockchain.

Another way to sell these NFTs is to hold an auction, which will make this product even more in evidence and generate very useful viral marketing for brands. The good thing now with NFTs is the access and privileges that some people have within a certain fan base and clubs, can now be transferable so you can buy those goods.

3 reasons to believe Samba Digital can help you with your NFT in sports.

  1. Samba Digital knows the sports market and have years of experience. Because of that, we know how to introduce NFTs to sports brands and how an NFT sports agency can help your brand grow and innovate in the market.
  2. Samba Digital, as an NFT sports agency, can go beyond this since we are specialized in the internalisation of the brand. We can use NFTs to reach several locations and to create localised content. With this, you can connect with your sports fans all around the world. 
  3. NFTs are not the future but the presence of marketing experiences, and we understand that. Samba is always ready to innovate and can help your sports brand with your strategy with this new asset.