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Sport has always had a great unifying power. Today, it attracts an ever-growing international audience around major events. It brings people together at the soccer World Cup, the Superbowl, or the Olympic Games, to name only the most famous. This is even more true in this day and age where information technology has abolished borders.

Today’s sports fans are eager to know the latest statistics, international rankings and information about their favorite champions and clubs. To keep their attention and to keep them loyal, you have to offer them reliable sports translations.

But sports is a wide range of disciplines, each as diverse as the next. Soccer and track and field come to mind, but there are also swimming, tennis and other more unusual sports such as speed riding, etc. And each sport has its own vocabulary, codes and style. From this point of view, we understand that translation is not simply a matter of transcribing content from one language to another. It is a complex task that must reflect a sporting universe as faithfully as possible.
What would the world’s major sporting events be without quality translation work? Because if sport brings people together, translation brings them together. This is what allows a European basketball fan to follow NBA games and understand all the nuances of the game. They can also learn directly from the source, accessing analysis from experts in the home country.

This is made possible by translators who have both linguistic and sports expertise, which allows them to translate with respect to the meaning of the original content. Our linguistic experts are familiar with the particularities of each sports discipline they work on. They provide you with a translation that is in line with the content and the target audience.

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Do you have a sports content translation project? Upload your texts directly to our website and we will take care of the rest. Our specialized translators will work to meet your specific needs and deadlines.

Whatever your project, we have the right interpreter for you. Our team consists of experts in communication, media, marketing, sales, legal, sports betting, etc. Our services cover all translation needs, whether it’s for a club, a league, a sports federation, and much more.

To ensure the quality of our deliverables, each translation project is dedicated to a relevant translator to meet your needs. A project manager is responsible for matching a profile from our extensive network and overseeing their work throughout the assignment. He or she ensures that your guidelines are followed to provide you with a translation that meets your expectations. And before handing over your translations, a proofreading and quality control process is rigorously carried out.

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