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São Paulo flying high in November’s Brasileirão social media table


Last month the number of interactions surpassed October on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In total, there were 175.5 million interactions in November, which corresponds to an increase of 2.88% compared to the month before.

Instagram remains the most used social network, representing 71.8% of all interactions. For this platform alone there were 126 million interactions in November. An increase of 3.58% compared to October.

And Facebook continues to perform better than Twitter. In addition to having 29.21 million interactions against 20.19 million on Twitter, Facebook’s growth was 4.48% compared to October. Twitter, on the other hand, saw only a small growth of 1.77%.



This is currently a good phase for São Paulo, they are leaders of the Brasileirão and qualified for the semi-finals of the Copa do Brasil. All leading to a dramatic rise in interactions, up a massive 106.39%, compared to October. On Instagram alone they saw a rise of 114%.


Another team that emerged was Palmeiras, who seem to have gained a lease of new life. They moved from 8th position on Twitter in October and to 3rd place with 1.81 million interactions, an increase of 118.8%. On Instagram, the growth was 57.97%.


Although interactions on Instagram grew by 3.25 million compared to October, only six clubs improved their performance on the social network: São Paulo (114%), Palmeiras (57.9%), Atlético-MG (24 , 1%), Grêmio (47.5%), Bahia (40.5%) and Athlético-PR (21.6%).The rest went downhill …


The drop in interactions by some clubs requires some looking into. Fortaleza suffered the biggest drop, down 53.92%, something that was originally due to the Ceará title celebrated in the previous month. Rogério Ceni’s departure also helped to demotivate their fans. Despite the fall, Pici’s Tricolor finished in 11th overall position.

Botafogo is also experiencing a bad moment.. They lie in 19th position out of 20 in the table league, and this led to a 32.35% decline in its social media performance.

Internacional, which saw its world turned upside down with the departure of its coach and the retirement announcement of idol D’Alessandro, plunged just over 1/3rd of their October total: -36.3%.


Their elimination from the Copa do Brasil by São Paulo and a draw in the first match against Racing, from Argentina, didn’t help Flamengo in November. The club, which came to be among the three with the most interactions in the world during one week in November, saw its interactions drop by 5% compared to October on all three of the social networks analyzed. The fall on Twitter and Facebook exceeded 12%.


Vasco’s current stage is not good but even without good results, the Vasco’s fans do not disappoint. In seventh place in November in the General Ranking, Vasco had a drop of only 0.56% compared to October. A victory for those who are suffering with political problems and with on-pitch perfromances not being what they have been used to.


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