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Samba’s Weekly Trends in LatAm and The US (03/06/20)


Every week we will be highlighting some of the best digital campaigns and trends in LatAm and the US. As well as letting you know what the latest important updates are from the platforms themselves.


This week has undoubtably been dominated by the tragic events and subsequent protests in the US and beyond. Organisations around the world have been showing their solidarity in statements posted on social media.

In a unprecedented move by the two biggest sports manufacturers, Nike and adidas supported each other on their stance in pushing for change.

The NFL were one of the first sports organisations to send across their message with Commissioner Roger Goodell saying;

The NBA went a step further and showcased a live conversation called #NBAtogether with Earnie Johnson to discuss racism, police brutality and a lot more.

Similar statements to that of the NFL were made by everyone from Netflix, Disney and Twitter to teams around the world including many in Brazil.

The discussion will now be on how sport can play a role in bringing change and it being more than just words.


Facebook’s new ‘Venue’ app

Facebook has released its new second-screen sports companion to take on Twitter. ‘Venue’ comes out of Facebook’s R&D group and launched last Sunday with NASCAR being the first to use it.

The app, according to Techcrunch, allows certain hosts like journalists, current or former athletes or aspiring “fan-analysts” to provide their own takes on events as they happen.

“As Nascar makes its return to action, Venue will provide users with a unique and exciting way to connect with fellow race fans from around the globe — all from the safety and comfort of their own homes,”

Tim Clark, Nascar’s chief digital officer. 

Twitter launches Native Scheduling

Twitter has been steadily rolling out improvements to their platform and offer functionality that previously had been left to 3rd party platforms. One such simple one is the allowing of drafts and scheduling of posts natively, something that should have been available a long time ago.

Alongside Twitter’s Media Studio, the platform (as Facebook have also done) is providing organisations and influencers all the tools they need without the expense of external software.


A small ray of light during what has been an unprecedented year is that sport has started to return to our screens. Win Europe the Bundesliga have been showing the way forward followed by the news that the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A will all be restarting this month.

In the US, the MLB are in talks to restart the season with the MLB Players Association and the MLS have approved a summer tournament in Orlando. Dates have yet to be confirmed.

Today also marks an important vote for when and how the NBA season resumes with commissioner Adam Silver putting his proposals on a return-to-play format forward.

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