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Samba Digital launches ‘Sports Translate’


With the continued globalization of American sport, and the exponential rate at which teams, players and properties are expanding internationally – Samba Digital today has launched an online platform called Sports Translate which allows sports organizations to efficiently and seamlessly manage all multi-lingual needs for their business.

Sports Translate is an online platform that supports sports-oriented businesses and helps manage their translation projects from end-to-end which may involve writing, transcribing, subtitling, voiceovers, interpretation, and other language-related tasks. Samba Digital spent six months developing this product and service, to ensure that the best translators in the world were utilized – those who have comprehensive knowledge across all sports, as well as in-depth familiarity of the terminology, phrasing and nuances that uniquely come with the territory.

At launch, the platform features nearly 150 translators, who are proficient in more than 20 languages, and are able to cover the needs of all departments within a company – from press, sales, marketing, financial, medical, HR, legal and others.

“Over the years, we have seen an increased need for translations among our clients, particularly in subtitling videos to help them reach global audiences at scale,” says Frédéric Fausser, CEO of Samba Digital. “With Sports Translate, we now offer a personalized and turnkey solution that supports our clients from A to Z in their efforts to work on local language projects that require rapid turnaround. Ultimately, we help our clients reach their fans and consumers all around the world in a time- and cost-efficient manner.”

Sports Translate features a user-friendly interface – with a clean, elegant design that is easily accessible to create a project in seconds. Although projects are initiated, tracked and completed online, a real-life project manager is assigned to oversee each job through its entire lifecycle – providing all necessary coordination and execution to ensure customer satisfaction.

In addition, Sports Translate offers the following benefits:Translators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

●  A quote is automatically generated, immediately when the project is created online.
●  Rush jobs can be turned around in less than 2 hours.
●  All projects receive thorough proofreading and quality control.
●  Use of the platform is free – costs are incurred on a project-by-project basis only.
●  There is no contractual commitment.
●  The best sports translators are united on one platform.
●  Translators are guaranteed to have vast knowledge of your market, business, sport, team and fans.

A beta test of the platform was recently made available to a select number of Samba Digital’s clients such as Formula One, AC Milan, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Team Ineos, and FC Bayern Munich. And examples of Sports Translate projects have included: captioning of an interview, translation of social media posts, providing an interpreter for a press conference, recording a voiceover for a video, or writing team training manuals in multiple languages.

With the use of Sports Translate – every client in sport can “play local, speak global”.


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